4 Main Uses of the Bathroom Cladding

4 Main Uses of the Bathroom Cladding

Dec 22, 2018, 10:49:59 PM Life and Styles

Bathroom suites are proving to be more popular as more homeowners seek to transform their bathroom area into an attractive place. Wall cladding is also becoming popular as homeowners seek for a versatile and beautiful solution for their walls. The waterproof panels are often used in place of ceramic wall tiles. These maintenance-free cladding are easy to install. In many occasions, the cladding is fixed over existing tiles.

The benefits of cladding:

Keeping bathroom cladding clean requires an easy quick wipe. This goes a long way of preventing condensation. There is a variety of wall cladding available, therefore every homeowner can find cladding that is appealing to their taste. The common designs include a wood grain effect, tile effect, and mosaic effects.

The benefits of any bathroom cladding include the fact that they are waterproof. Furthermore, they are easy to install. The cladding can be fitted in cubicles as well as a shower. the cladding is maintenance free and does not have grout that normally encourages the growth of mildew. They offer an ideal covering for the walls. These easy to clean and waterproof panels transform the bathroom into an attractive place. They continue to look attractive for many years to come.

Uses of cladding:

There are different ways wall claddings can be used to remodel the house.

· Bath panels: You will discover that bathroom suites feature the traditional acrylic panels. Therefore, you can consider replacing the acrylic panels with cladding that is much durable and stronger in addition to being more decorative.

· Bathroom ceilings: Bathroom cladding can be used on the bathroom ceiling. Considering that the panels are easy to clean and maintenance free they will be no need to paint the ceilings. Furthermore, the cladding comes in various colors therefore, you are assured of fixing a bathroom ceiling that complements the existing bathroom decor.

· Shower cubicles: Bathroom claddings can be used in the shower cubicles. The claddings serve the important role of preventing water from gaining access to other parts of the bathroom. You will be in a place to shower comfortably knowing well that the bath water will not find its way to other parts of the bathroom that should stay dry.

· Bathroom walls: Tiles are often used for the traditional bathroom walls. The tiles are often difficult to fix. They also take a lot of time to fit the wall. Furthermore, the tiles are cold and demand a lot of regular cleaning to keep them clean. On the other hand, bathroom claddings can be fitted in a matter of several hours. They are also cheap and easy to maintain.

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