Why Do You Need a Facebook Fanpage

Why Do You Need a Facebook Fanpage

Mar 11, 2018, 1:23:20 AM Business

With the emergence of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, social marketing has become one of the most important tools of promoting a business online. Why? Because if you really want to get a great exposure for your business, you need to promote it in a platform which is being visited by hundreds and thousands of people.

Now as far as Facebook is taken under consideration, this is one website which is being visited by millions of people and many of them are visiting this social networking site on a regular basis. Statistics shows that Facebook has approximately 800 million active users. Now I can tell you one thing for sure, 800 million is no joke. This means regardless of what kind of product or service you are planning to market, this is one website where most likely you are going to find a group of people who can be your potential customers.

So, how do you make the best out of this social networking site? Well the answer is quite straight forward, develop a Facebook fanpage for your business and promote it to get as many "likes" or fans as possible. Your fanpage can become the face of your business in front of hundreds and thousands of people if it is being promoted and maintained properly.

One of the amazing advantages of promoting your business through a Facebook fanpage is that once you start getting some fans for your business fanpage, automatically this will promote your brand to more people and you don't even have to give a whole lot of effort. This is mainly because of the fact that once someone "likes" your Facebook fanpage or shares a link of your page on their wall; automatically the message gets conveyed to other Facebook users who are in the friend list of that particular person. Means, if you can manage to get around 100 likes for your fanpage, and if we assume that each of the users who "liked" your page has at least 100 friends in their friend list, then your fanpage might gain exposure to as many as 10000 individuals and this can work as a chain reaction, getting you an unbelievable publicity in the most popular social networking website of the planet.

So don't underestimate the power of Facebook and the importance of having a business fanpage over there. Because this can get your business a huge publicity and a strong business network.

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