How can Men style their Silver Bracelet

How can Men style their Silver Bracelet

Nov 22, 2018, 8:34:09 PM Life and Styles

Are you one of those men who love to accessorize? You must try the silver bracelets for men from Fourseven. These men’s bracelets are gaining a lot of hype and are a popular choice among modern day buyers. Wear these silver bracelets with style to enhance your overall outfit and look. Just keep in mind a few tips and know how to and when to wear them, to create maximum head-turning impact.

Here’s a guide which will highlight the ways to style silver bracelets for men.

  1. Layered bracelets- You can pair a layered bracelet from with a watch. You can also pair it with any woven piece like the thread bracelets. Such kind of bracelets adds sophistication to your look, and the watch combines it with pragmatisms. When you choose a layered bracelet or wish to combine two at a time, make sure you don't choose thick ones. Try and wear two thin bracelets on a single wrist. There are many silver bracelets which you can combine and wear together.

  2. Add professionalism- Silver bracelets are elegant and simple and look highly professional. This is the reason they go perfectly well with office wear or formal attire. They can easily be worn with your suit and tie for work as well as with a dinner jacket for a party. Choose a broad and solid bracelet, also known as silver kada for men to add some statement to your formal outfit. They are considered as bold and manly. However, you stick to one bracelet for keeping it simple. You can try Roots and Wings Cuff Bangle with your formal wear.

  3. For long sleeves- You can wear silver bracelets even if you are wearing long sleeves. Wear the bracelets like you wear your watch- tucked under the sleeves. You may think that what is the point of wearing a bracelet if it is going to be hidden under the sleeves? Well, the silver bracelets are bright and will add an element shine at just the right moment. Eternity Versatile Double Strand Bracelet can be a great choice to be worn with long sleeves.

  4. With casual wear- As mentioned earlier, a silver bracelet looks great with formal outfits. However, it can work just as well for the casual outfits too. You might have spotted style icons wearing silver bracelets with jackets, blazers or any other casual attire. Many men pair their short sleeve t-shirts with silver bracelets to add some statement to their look. It is recommended not to wear anything big and bold with casual wear. A classy piece like the Empire Bracelet, Eternal Charm Bracelet or any other silver chain bracelet can look great with your casual outfit.

  5. Few more tips- Apart from taking care about pairing the right bracelet with a outfit, there are few fashion rules men could follow. Try and wear bracelets on one wrist and not on both. Even if you are willing to wear multiple pieces at a time, layer them all on a single wrist. One more thing to look for is the size of the bracelet. If you have a bracelet rolling up and down the arm, it gives a negative impression. So, while choosing the bracelet try different sizes and get the one that gives you breathing room but doesn’t jangle up and down the arm. You can even try adjustable silver bracelets like the Pillar of Strength Adjustable Bangles

Now, that you have all the tips about how to style silver bracelets for men, so buy and upgrade your look in a stylish way.

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