How to Use Solar Calculator to Save Electricity?

How to Use Solar Calculator to Save Electricity?

Mar 14, 2018, 8:56:02 PM Tech and Science

Solar energy, a form of energy that is renewable and available in abundance. However, most sections of the society are still unaware of the benefits offered by the usage of this energy form. Solar energy is no more limited to providing energy supplies to the national projects but, have also reached the homes of many people. Therefore, people must shift to using solar energy to power their electricity needs with this source of energy.

Undoubtedly, changing the power generation system of the entire house is a big decision which is why MYSUN has brought forth a new product for its consumers, the solar calculator

What is a solar calculator?

A solar calculator is nothing but a tool that helps you determine the potential savings you can make in your electricity bill if you plan to go solar. The solar energy calculator developed by MYSUN is an easy-to-use calculator which can help you estimate your savings with just a few simple steps. You just need to input a few details on the tool to see your savings estimate on the electricity bill. The details that you are supposed to fill in are:

•    Your location

•    Your average monthly electricity bill (in INR)

•    Your electricity consumer category

Once you submit the details, the tool will generate a fair result of your solar potential in the form of a PDF file.

How does a solar calculator work?

When you fill in your details in the solar calculator tool, the calculator generates a recommended Solar System size based on your electricity consumption and consumer category. It also generates a Solar score that tells you whether to go solar now or afterward. It also shows the Return on Investment and the lifetime savings you will set aside if you plan to go solar.

The MYSUN solar calculator has been created by putting in over 2000 man hours for more than a year, and the calculator has mapped every possible location in India for all consumer categories. The MYSUN solar energy calculator is backed by robust algorithms to provide accurate results for all user queries.

Apart from using the solar calculator, you can also ‘Register your rooftop’ with MYSUN   right from the solar calculator result report to connect with their network of pre-screened solar installers who can guide you through the price quotes and packages. It not only helps you take your decision on getting a solar panel installed for your home but, also gets the installation done for your home.

MYSUN is India’s largest online rooftop solar company that provides the highest quality solar services using the most advanced technology in multiple states across India. With the mission to power every home in the country, MYSUN is an online marketplace to deliver end-to-end solutions to all the consumers’ solar needs.


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