A Talk to ANTHRO

A Talk to ANTHRO

Oct 27, 2016, 4:29:29 AM Tech and Science

This time, I want to go out of the league and tried to be a little informative. Till now most of us have made their mind, Uhmm... that’s not my cup of tea but I can bet on you, certainly it is.

“Anthropology”, it may sound alien to someone and to others, it looks like a very boring type of word which definitely gonna waste your time.

Ok wait, let me tell you it’s a very simple and beautiful word.

In most simple words, “Anthropology” is our study, means where “human beings are being studied at all places and at all point of time”. It’s always interesting to know about our self, our present, past and past before past so you can spend a little more time to know about it.

During school time, some of us like Biology or History or Political Science or might be none of them. Here Anthropology is interestingly a holistic and comprehensive approach of all the subjects which we studied or which we never studied like psychology, sociology, forensic, linguistic, ethnology, paleontology, archeology and many more you just name it and you will find a place in this list. Anthropology is like a Universe that keep on expanding and difficult to define its boundaries.

Possibly you often heard, “Who came first, Chicken or Egg?” and most of us are puzzled about it expect a few brilliant minds who have a little, just a little bit basic knowledge of science. Similarly, about the existence of Anthropology most of the scholars are puzzled some says it get evolved from other subjects and some says it evolved others. So overall it’s a subject which has its own history of genesis but it is so wide in scope that somehow or other it has utilized knowledge and tools of others altogether and helped other branches to develop their bases further. It tells us about the social, cultural and physical aspects of human beings and its relation to society and environment over a vast range of places and time.

So overall my conclusion from this little informative dialogue is that who loves to study genetics, human structure and biology, fossils, cultures, art forms or any other subject related to “us i.e. human being”, must go for it and for others, now you are in a good position to suggest someone to go for it.


Author: Chandan Singh Kunwar @ https://assets.assets.mytrendingstories.com/  

Photo courtsey: FRAMES UNLIMITED

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