Living With Shitty Life Options

Imagine yourself with all the favorite food you have in front of you right this moment. Then add the fact that, of course, you’re very hungry the phrase “you could eat a horse” gets put to shame the moment you touch your plate. But, here’s the thing, the same time you touch the plate, there’s that instant feeling of guilt biting your subconscious to stay fit and eat that stone-hard-zero-carb-bread-your-dietician-calls-healthy instead of having that ice cream melt in your mouth and get lost to the sweet feeling of eating that piece of chocolate cake your S.O. brought for you. It would be hypocritical for me to say I know how it feels to crave for something good to eat and not worry about gaining weight, because in all honesty, let’s just say that I am the epitome of the million dollar question “How could you eat a lot and not gain weight?”. See, I could eat whatever I want and not worry about looking like the scary beluga in the next couple of days, which actually blocked every thought of the other possibility of me breaking down the weighing scale. It’s not just written on my ever-the-repulsive genes to defy the sanctity of my family’s number one golden rule: Not. Gain. Weight.


But we all have options. You could still eat that ice cream and chocolate cake but worry about the grim consequences or be like me and let me help you learn how I devour a dessert section of the restaurant and bring with me at least 4 desserts and glutton over it, still not worried about weight gain. Or, you could say NO to the very good temptation and stay healthy you health conscious freak! Me, I’ll just laugh at you and not worry about gaining weight while watching you get jealous over my sexy body and have you drool over my yummy display of sweets. Damn life options!

Here are a quick questions to ponder on: Are you happy with the options life has made available for you? Are you working hard to get more and better life options? If you’ll ask me the first question, I’ll probably say NO. I’m not happy with the option of having the awesome ability to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Here’s why:

(1) It leaves me out of allowance before I knew it on the food spending alone,

(2) It just sucks when people keeps asking me the same irritating question, “How could you eat all of that?” Me: “Uuuuuuuuuuhm, I am hungry!?”,

(3) When my friends wants me to try and taste all the food and decide which one is the best because they know I can eat anything and can still take more,

(4) When they think I’ve been to all the restaurants in town because, againthey think I’m up for anything that involves eating,

(5) When my friends thinks I have a lot of money because they equate food to wealth, screw Mc Donald’s,

(6) When they always ask if it’s really my first ice cream the first time I got myself an ice cream. . .after I’ve had 4 bags of chocolates, yeah, happy life.

I am skinny but I’m still healthy, the sad fact is, I actually have a limited amount of energy and force to do something more “athletic” and more manly. Woman, I am a wimp! But hey, at least people get jealous over my ability of the sassy fine dining!


In life, we have to work hard for everything to get better and have more options available for us because sometimes, we have to make sacrifices: not just for ourselves, but also for the people around us. We actually have a lot of things going on around us that we often forget there are people who could help us grow and develop. We don’t need to be genius to understand the simple logic of the word “help”. Sure, life has given us very limited and sometimes, shitty life options, but life doesn’t end there. Life just gets better when you try to seek help from people and have them help you grow. You know, here’s a spoiler for this whole article, you could actually eat that cake for all you want. You could also worry all you want for looking like the big bad beluga on flip flops making those scandalous flopping sounds when you walk, BUT, do you really have to worry? You don’t right? If you gain weight, don’t think it’s the end of the world, instead, think of it as a consolation for taking a step to loving yourself more and not worrying about what people think like you’re looking for some pathetic millennial self-validation. So you

gained weight for choosing the option of loving yourself, don’t worry, you also have the brilliant option to secretly go to the gym and have that awesome Victoria’s secret body you always craved for and not spill a bean about your little guilty pleasure.

We couldn’t really have all the options available for us to have a taste of everything we want in life. Sometimes, if we try to squeeze the situation too much out of life, instead of getting lemon, we might get something otherwise and regret what why we did it. Living with shitty life options is not all that bad. It teaches us something more about life: how to be patient in a long line, how to be humble when we have a lot, how to stay positive when all else fail and how to love our self more when nobody does. Life is great. Learn how to live it. (RT)

Published by Renato Tan


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