How to Scrape Walmart Reviews, UPC, etc. in a Hassle-Free Manner

How to Scrape Walmart Reviews, UPC, etc. in a Hassle-Free Manner

Jan 6, 2022, 4:52:25 AM Business

In this blog, we will demonstrate you how to scrape data from Walmart (customer reviews, product listings, UPC’s) without any tech skills or programming knowledge. The services being observed are called Retailgators.

An Introduction To Retailgators

Retailgators’ works as a service, offering data-on-demand, as well as sparing online merchant from the manual work. Therefore, if you want to scrape Walmart listings as well as import that to the WooCommerce store and you will have the files formatted for a WooCommerce import tool (accessible for PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and other targeted platforms).

Retailgators deals with scraping data from different pages having pagination and hidden sections having “See all” links. You can scrape product variations and place like separate rows within a file.

Scrape Product’s Data From Walmart With Locations, Reviews, Discounts, And Product Identifiers

Scrape ProductsData from Walmart with Locations, Reviews, Discounts,and Product Identifiers.jpg

Being an enormous marketplace, Walmart is the resource of data for different requirements. So, Retailgators will assist you to:

Scrape Walmart product listings:

  • Title
  • Category
  • ISBN
  • Pricing
  • Product ID
  • Quantity
  • Rankings
  • Reviews
  • Seller’s Data
  • UPC
  • Wish List

Wish List.jpg

  • Scrape stores location from Walmart (neighboring stores, stores in the provided region, etc.)
  • Scrape coupon data from
  • Grab ISBNs and UPCs from Walmart
How Does Retailgators Work?

How Does RetailgatorsWork.jpg

With Retailgators, you don’t have to download anything to scrape data. It is sufficient to have the URL, which should get scraped. In this case, you will get a file having all the available fields on a page. In case, you need certain data to get extracted then you can identify the fields as well as get the required data.

After submitting the scraping request, you will get sample CSV files to your FTP or email. You can observe the data, make the test imports, or propose any improvements for the file structure. During a test scraping, we will evaluate total records in a result file as well as offer you a quote.

After approving a structure as well as making the payment you would need all the data in files, which perfectly fits your requirements.

Perform Walmart Scraping In 3 Easy Steps:

Perform Walmart Scraping in 3 Easy Steps.jpg

  • Just fill the form, specify the URL (supplier, keyword, category), your targeted platform, and other specific requirements.
  • Get the sample file and check the available data and structure, request any changes to have the files that suit your requirements.
  • Choose a suitable pricing plan as well as get the complete files ready for the usage.

Contact Retailgators for all your Walmart Data Scraping requirements.

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