Effective Paddle Board Surfing Tips for Beginners

Effective Paddle Board Surfing Tips for Beginners

Mar 17, 2017, 9:49:37 AM Sport

Learning to surf for beginners can be challenging and can take the time to master, but once you see and learn how to stand up paddle boarding, it can be real fun.  Learning to surf requires making realistic expectations of being able to perform advanced maneuvers. Therefore, you have to select a good beginners’ surfboard if you have never surfed before since some types of boards are perfect for learning depending on how well they float you in addition to how stable it is. Hence, the best beginners’ surfboards should be sufficiently thick to float you well to enable you to paddle easily, as well as sufficiently wide for stability in water together with being not so tippy. The round nose boards are good for catching the waves easily, and the extra rocker helps in nose diving during your take off.

Paddling technique is the first most important skill to learn in surfing, and you should spend a great deal of your time paddling during your beginner's lessons. Getting the right paddling technique will be more effective and you will use less energy. As a beginner, you should lie on the board and have the nose being few inches above the water. You should not lay so much to the back on the board making the nose way up in the air because the board will not plane over the surface since it will make the board push against the water.  You should also not be way too forward on the board since the nose will be below the water surface, which will make you just fall off.

Having the best paddling technique is vital for maximization of power and torque for every stroke, which will help you in accelerating, also, to assist you with more workouts. The best paddling is effective in having more control of the board and helps in making maneuvers more efficiently. Beginners should maintain their eyes on the fin so that the board does not drag on the bottom. The paddle should be placed down on the board, and you should put your hands firmly on the paddle. You should then practice by kneeling the halfway point on the board until you gain balance then you can slowly stand up.

The whitewater should be the best area to practice as a beginner before trying paddling to the outside into the breaking waves.  Once you realize that you can quickly push the board for momentum, and then you try paddling to gain momentum. When the white water is coming towards you, you should climb on the board so that you can start to paddle as you approach the shore. Having the best paddling technique is the most important to be a good surfer given that paddling is the most difficult for most beginners.

You should check out for the right conditions before you venture out for your stand up paddle boards surfing venture. Ensure that the conditions are safe and fit your ability to have an enjoyable water time. The conditions should not be so windy, and the waves should not be strong for your first time to paddle out.  When you are standing on the board, remember that your body is like a sail and when you are wedged in unfavorable wind changes lay down with the paddle placed under you and paddle prone. You should also use a leash for all your stand up paddle board surfing since it is very necessary for any condition and makes you safe. Remember there are different types of leashes and attachment points concerning the paddling style you adopt.

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