3 Underrated Locations that Travel Photographers should Visit

3 Underrated Locations that Travel Photographers should Visit

May 7, 2021, 9:07:53 AM Entertainment

Every continent has beautiful, eye catching sites. These sites are usually filled with a lot of tourists and photographers who want to view the place and take photos of them. This however, leaves other areas waiting to be discovered by people. These offbeat pearls can be the subject for your photo competitions submissions as they are present a unique perspective. As they have fewer travelers you do not have to worry about fighting for a chance to get the perfect shot or traffic problems. Some of the places you should put in mind for your next travel adventure are:

Santiago, Cuba

Santiago is the second largest city in Cuba after Havana. It has a very colorful and diverse population. Most ethnic groups have settled there over time and each brought their own traditions. This has lead to a rich taste in terms of music dance and dance exhibited during Mamarrchos.

Mamarrchos is one of the biggest events Carnival of Santiago de Cuba is a popular and one of the oldest traditional festivals in the region. The festival usually happens in July and is a good idea for free photo contests submissions. The celebrations are not associated with any religious events and locals refer to these celebrations as Los Mamarrachos. During the festival the city transforms into a great party. There are a series of street performances ranging from music to dance. A lot of famous dance and music styles such as rumba or salsa can be traced back here.

Harar, Ethiopia

Harar is one of the most fascinating places you should consider putting on your travel list. If you are looking for a unique perspective coupled with rich culture for photo competitions submissions then you need to visit Harar. It has numerous mosques and shrines, markets and a warm and welcoming population which is not hostile to tourists. It is also famous for its high quality coffee.

The Hudson River, New York

You can visit the Hudson River for its eye catching view of Manhattan Island. If you board the Staten Island Ferry and get a spot at the front of the boat you will be able to have the best views of New York City and photograph them and enter free photo contests and be guaranteed to make it to the final list. You can time your ferry for sunset and see the skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

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