5 College Essentials You'll Probably Forget

As I head into my final year of college I can now look back and realize all of the mistakes I made. Lucky for you guys I'm willing to share (some of) those mistakes in the hopes of preparing you for a smooth transition to college.

The media gets freshman so excited about decorating your dorm and having the trendiest gadgets, that too often students forget some of the essentials for living on your own and on a college campus. With that being said, I'm here to save the day. 

1. Plates, Silverware, and Cups for your Dorm Room

You'll eat in the dining hall every meal so there's no need for all that....wrong! I'll never forget freshman year when I went to go make my ramen in the microwave and had no bowl to put it in. While asking your neighbors to borrow kitchenware is a great icebreaker, I'm sure they will get tired of lending you their supplies by the end of the semester. 

2. Dishsoap and Other Cleaning Supplies

Yes, it's horrible I know. We must clean up after ourselves, how tragic. While there may be a cleaning staff for the bathrooms and such, no one will be cleaning your room for you. The dust will pile up right on the sticky soda you spilled last night. Your room may be small but don't underestimate the mess that can be made. (Sidebar I recommend paper plates and plastic silverware so you don't have to deal with dishes.)

3. A Water Bottle

My freshman year I thought I would be able to go back to my room between classes and relax here and there. I was quite naive. I barely spent time in my room freshman year. I was always out meeting new people, in club meetings, running around campus like a lost soul, etc. Having a water bottle to refill on the go is an absolute must. Plus you don't want to have to keep buying $6 Smart Water from your school store. 

4. Medicine, all kinds and lots of it. 

Lucky for me I had older cousins to tell me this one and boy was I popular. To this day I have a medicine drawer that my roommates and I refer to as the "Pharmacy". I have everything from heating pads, to a first aid kit, Advil, and basically the rest of CVS's medicine isle. 

5. A Flash Drive and/or Hard Drive

The great thing about college campuses are plenty of places you can go to get your work done. However transferring your work, or even saving your work can be such a pain. Having a flash drive not only saves storage but makes like so much easier when moving from your dorm room to the library, and then to a classroom. Flash drives are great for uploading presentations in class. Hard drives are excellent storage incase anything was to happen to your computer. 

While many stores spend their effort trying to convince you to buy unnecessary storage bins and nifty coffee mugs, I'm just here to give you the basics (for now). You probably won't forget that awesome $50 laundry basket but you're going to regret leaving out these 5 items. Don't worry, you can thank me later! 


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