Happiness & Me..!

Happiness & Me..!

Happiness is  

That one place,

Those old friends,

& some new people,

Those feelings,

Those moments & me..!

Happiness is  

Those rainy days &

Those rainy nights,

Those cool long rides,

Those hot coffees,

That window & some good books & me..!

Happiness is  

Those family gatherings ,

Those laughter,

Those tears,

Those eventful hugs,

Those dinners & me..!

Happiness is

that crush,

Those late night conversions,

Those breathtaking feelings,

Those sleepless nights & vivid thoughts,

Those cravings for just one thing,

That first love feeling & me..!

Happiness is

Those beautiful places,

Those alluring scenes,

That one magical fascinating fragrance,

Brings out thousands of memories,

Memories that built you & breaks you,

Memories that makes you sail between happiness & sadness,

Those moments & me..!

Happiness is

Those little helps,

To needy & poor people,

With no intention of hurting,

Just as an act humanity,

To see a smile of “Pure happiness”

Those moments & me..!

Happiness is

Planting a little plant, 

In hope to blossom it into a, 

Gorgeous flower & sweetest fruits one day,

Those fairy tales under it  & me..!

Happiness is

Those sweet fights with god,

In order to unanswered wishes of life,

But my dear that’s nor fair,

Sometimes god has bigger plans for us,

Than we’ve for ourselves,

How these all moments bothers a life we live,

& all you need to find is,

Moments of happiness & you..!!

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Published by Ridhdhesh Jivawala

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