Prince with Benefits by Nicole Snow (Book Review)

Prince with Benefits

Prince with Benefits

Nicole Snow

Erin Warwick is the daughter of a famous journalist and aspires to take over that title one day. Silas Bearington is a playboy prince her father interviews. When her father passes out on stage and in front of countless cameras, Erin jumps up and nearly falls off the stage before the notorious prince catches her from face planting into a podium. She finds out later at the hospital that her father has a rare and aggressive form of cancer that only experimental forms of treatment can possibly cure. Her only problem is money. Silas is in serious need of a lifestyle change after his grandmother, the Queen, comes down hard on him. He offers to pay for any and all procedures and treatments for her father if… Erin agrees to marry him for three years. She agrees on the stipulation that they do not have sex for fear of complicating the relationship by involving emotions.

As soon as they announce the engagement, a riot breaks out that makes her question her judgment. Until Silas seduces her, that is. They break the no sex rule but wake to shocking news of the Queen having a heart attack. They spend the next several weeks slowly falling in love with each other (but denying it, of course), planning a wedding, and practicing ruling the kingdom. A psycho jealous ex, however, threatens to bring all they've built tumbling down.

When Erin comes to the realization that it's all her fault, she escapes to Mexico to be with her father. Silas becomes frantic in trying to find her, but after that ex comes and tries to attack him, he decides to fly to Mexico to bring his love home or not come home at all. The big question is, though, does Erin feel the same way about her Prince with benefits or does she want a clean break from the craziness that comes with being a Princess?

Standalone new adult romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

Silas is a cocky motherf*&$er, but man, does he sound smoking hot or what??? He's possessive, dominant, and a total bad boy. Erin was pretty judgmental of Silas at first, but once he opened up to her, she became much more trusting and playful. I loved their sexual playfulness, too. Especially the part with the vibrating egg. That was just hilarious!

Both characters were dynamic and experienced quite a bit of growth. I love when authors include that with their characters. It just makes them that much more relatable and enjoyable.

I definitely recommend reading this book. It's entertaining and pretty hot! I hated putting it down. I can't wait to read more books by this author.

5/5 stars


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