How Maintenance Teams Benefit From Cloud-Based CMMS

How Maintenance Teams Benefit From Cloud-Based CMMS

Feb 17, 2021, 3:41:58 AM Tech and Science

The adoption of cloud-hosted computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software has erupted since its introduction, and for good reason. It comes with many benefits, such as easy deployment, little-to-no IT investment or maintenance cost, and enhanced data security. Given today’s competitive and highly-mobile work environments, along with the importance of efficient maintenance management, every maintenance team finds cloud-based CMMS highly advantageous.

Benefits of Cloud-Based CMMS:

1. Faster Decision-Making

With cloud-based CMMS you have real-time access to maintenance data from anywhere, which speeds up decision-making and enables maintenance teams to take prompt actions. Here’s an example:

An employee reports an issue by submitting a maintenance request from the field, which automatically notifies an administrator. He then approves the request, creates a work order that defines the appropriate maintenance staff, tasks checklist, parts, and skills required to complete the work. As soon as the work order is created and assigned, a notification is automatically sent to the assigned maintenance staff. The technician views the details of the work order on his mobile device and can prioritize the job and make decisions about how to complete it.

2. Guaranteed System Up Time

Maintenance operations can be seriously compromised when a CMMS system is down or unavailable. But with Cloud CMMS vendors, CMMS service is “always on,” with minor exceptions for routine maintenance or server upgrades. With around-the-clock system availability, the maintenance team will have 24/7 access to maintenance data and functionality. This is particularly important for organizations with 24-hour production schedules or enterprises with mission-critical assets.

3. Remote Access

Effective maintenance technicians are always busy with their work and have to be at various locations within the facility, previously there wasn’t any technology available to be able to communicate with these highly mobile workers. Before cloud-based CMMS, maintenance workers would have to access the CMMS from a single or limited number of computers. This created bottlenecks and hampered productivity. Now, cloud technology allows maintenance staff to access CMMS via internet-connected devices like smartphones and tablets from anywhere. They can remotely log in and use the CMMS from anywhere – whether at their desk, on the plant floor, or in another geographic location.

Published by Riyan N. Alam

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