Simple Ways to Improve Productivity at Workplace

Simple Ways to Improve Productivity at Workplace

Feb 4, 2021, 5:00:28 AM Business

Whether a healthcare organization or a retailer, all businesses try to find ways to be more effective at facilities management. It goes without saying that, whether an organization is trying to comply with HIPAA or trying to manage a facility efficiently, becoming more effective during the process is everyone’s goal. This article explains how organizations can become more effective at their workplace and how they can use various CloudApper solutions according to their business needs.

Note that these are just suggestions, not rules. Your work, your organization, and your goals may vary. But everyone needs to step it up a notch and evolve their systems to suit their unique needs, preferences, skills, and work.

Manage energy, not time

Everyone is taught to not waste time. Supposedly, time is all we have. However, it doesn’t take much to realize that not every moment is special. Sometimes we have the energy to work and move fast, and sometimes we don’t. Persistence matters but wearing yourself out is pointless. It is important to manage your energy, and you will realize that you get more done when you are feeling productive than staring at the screen for the sake of it. This is why cloud-based applications are on the rise. For example, how can a healthcare provider be more effective when they are trying to implement appropriate security measures while also trying to please their patients? Simply use HIPAA compliance software to streamline your compliance efforts.

Focus on priorities and goals, not tasks

Anyone can complete a to-do list just for the sake of it. But it is much harder to focus on the end goal, i.e., why you are doing the tasks. Oftentimes, people confuse the urgent, the mundane, and the easy as the most important things they can do. Micromanaging yourself isn’t necessary, instead put your energy towards the highest priority. Make sure you can see the end goal of the work. For example, with CloudApper’s CMMS, an organization can easily ensure reliable maintenance schedules for its assets with robust reporting, analytics, reminders, and tasks but why? The end goal is to reduce machine downtime.

Hire future peers

Hiring people to work for you isn’t ideal. The best people work with you, and some may even replace or surpass you. The only way to multiply effectiveness is to nurture up-and-coming talent. Develop the people you hire to do all you can do and even more. Hire people who are or can be peers to work with you.

Work outside-in

Quite in opposition to the term “inside-out”, a lot of organizations or organizational politics are devoid of external reality. A lot of tasks are time-consuming and also have no value to customers, the community, shareholders, or other stakeholders. Organizations should work out issues from outside the organization and back in. Frequently you will be amazed to see your problems disappear, and you will be more effective at work when you have external shareholders on your side. 

Published by Riyan N. Alam

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