Grow what you can and vote with what you purchase

Grow what you can and vote with what you purchase


we are eating our raspberries every day from our garden!

I have been so busy that my posts have been far and few between this summer. I have workers on the outside of our house today; I hope in the next few weeks to be free from the workers in my gardens. I am grateful that I can update our urban dwelling.
I have not been able to get out in my gardens as much this summer, but I did get my fall crops in last week. I am slowly rebuilding my garden beds and hope this fall to do more work. In the meantime, I have been changing our diet and figuring out what we can grow on our property to help with our weekly meal planning. It got me thinking about what I can't grow and how living in an urban area means being dependent on the local stores to provide some of our healthy organic food. I wrote this article for another blog post and thought I would share it this week. What we do purchase matters for it provides direct support to those that are trying to make a difference in the world of food growing!

Revised Seal copy

Verified matters when you shop at your local store

The retailers who started the NON GMO Project made it possible for consumers in North America to have access to foods that are clearly labeled with a logo that is recognizable. The projects label clearly states there are no GMO items in the food.This label is a good thing for there are days when you are rushed for time, and you don’t have a chance to turn over all the food items and read each ingredient, but if we want to live an organic life; we need to make the time.

Living an Organic life  in the city means learning to read labels. We can’t purchase all our food locally grown at times which means we need to become savvy consumers. We have to pick apart the ingredients and educate ourselves about what we purchase. It is important to know who, what, where and how our food was grown. We all need to support those farmers and companies that go the extra mile to produce healthy food. By reading and purchasing only from those businesses that verify their food is NON GMO, we are supporting their efforts.


they don't need that much space

Care about where you money goes for it is a way to vote

If we take the time to purchase from those that care about the quality of our food and the environment we have used our money wisely. We vote with our money. Yep, we can make a difference by what we purchase when we pay for a product. I bet you never thought about that since you are crunched for time. You may have a busy life and not have the time to pay attention to all the ways your food is grown, raised or created, but there are people out there that make it their business to care about what is being done, or put into our food. If we take but a minute to read a label, research a company or know about the journey of our food; we cast a vote with our purchase each time.


mine are tucked in a back corner of our city lot

I look for seals of approval on products more since I am trying to live a more organic life right in the heart of the city. The NON GMO Project is one label you can rest assured is in your best interest. It is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.The NON-GMO Project have verified 35,000 NON GMO products from almost nearly 2000 brands! It is a seal of approval put on products you can purchase at your local grocery store. Those that created the GMO Project seal believe everyone deserves to be informed and have the choice to consume or not consume genetically modified foods.

We need to protect ourselves from those that don’t have a vested interest in our health 

The science behind GMO’s is very new and not enough research has been done to analyse the effects of these foods on our bodies, animals or nature that consume these products. I am not here to scare you to death but trying to educate you as to how important it is that you be informed about what is being done to your food. I prefer to air on the side of caution when it comes to consuming these foods.

The science behind genetically modified foods ingredients is frequently changing which means you need to stay up to date with all the different foods that are being modified or tested. Most of us do not have time to keep up to date, which means we need an organization to help us keep informed. The NON GMO Project seal of approval is an organization that has your back!


Look for the NON GMO Project verified label

Next time you are at the local food mart look for the NON GMO Project stamp of approval and when you put your hard earned money down on the counter rest assured you are making a difference. By purchasing only NON GMO Project verified products, you are supporting an organization that makes it their job to be informed; for you the consumer.

Do you ever purchase NON GMO project products? I find, I do more and more as I try to purchase and grow clean food.

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