Develop Your Kids Creativity with A Printable Escape Room Game

Develop Your Kids Creativity with A Printable Escape Room Game

Written by: Lachlan From Lock Paper Scissors

It’s time to take away the technology and give your brain the challenge that it needs!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest boring puzzles or repetitive worksheet exercises. That sounds far too much like schoolwork to me. 

Instead, engage your mind by running an escape room game in your own home or classroom. Printable escape room kits gamify learning to create the perfect educational opportunity for kids and adults alike. The DIY escape room games are so much fun, that no one even realises that they’re learning! 

What is a printable escape game?

An escape room game is essentially a series of puzzles. But it’s more fun than that! You’ve got to work together with your team to overcome some epic challenge, like escaping a tomb, toppling an evil government, or solving a murder. Fail, and you’re left to your grisly fate!

It’s an immersive puzzle game that challenges the mind and the senses. Reading, mathematics, communication, and problem-solving skills are all vital skills that you’ll need to escape. Each game is different, with its own engaging theme, such as "Ancient Egypt", "Zombie Apocalypse", or "Murder Mystery."

At the beginning of the experience, you’re immersed in the story and then presented with a challenge to overcome. It’s up to you and your teammates to solve the problem. The challenges must be solved within a particular time limit or teams can try to solve each puzzle for points.

You’ll encounter clues, locks, combinations, and a variety of riddles to help you overcome your nemesis and save the day. The problem will be unique to the specific story and theme of the escape room.

How does it develop creativity, auditory, kinesthetic and visual skills?

Trust me, escape room games are the out-of-the-box learning experience you’ve been looking for!

Escape rooms cater to a variety of learning styles. They effortlessly accommodate three types of learning methods - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. This is because escape room games combine a wide variety of puzzles, that each appeal to different learning styles.

Some puzzles are very visual in nature, requiring players to observe patterns, read clues, and write their work to solve the problem. 

However, escape room games always get players fully involved. This means that players will often need to complete physical challenges (like navigating a minefield, for example), correctly align objects, physically handle the puzzles, and move around the room. Kinesthetic learners are always at home in an escape room game!

Auditory learners aren’t left out either. Players always need to talk through the puzzles together, giving them the chance to verbalise thought processes and take in new information. Plus, escape rooms always have seriously funky background music that auditory learners love! 

Reading clues, solving equations, manipulating puzzle elements, and thinking about how numbers and letters are working together are all a part of the engaging puzzle experience.

Another huge part of the game involves collaboration and conflict resolution. People have different ways of solving challenges, and different skills that they bring to the team. Individuals must work together to come up with compromises and solutions to individual puzzles, all while keeping the endgame in mind. If you can’t work together… then you probably won’t escape...

How much does it cost?

Ready to be blown away?

A printable escape room kit will only cost you $29. That’s it! And you can scale the game to include any number of players (for real - people have played these games with groups of over 200 people!).

In comparison, going out to an escape room venue will cost you about $30 per person. So you’re looking at $120 for just a team of four. Fun…. but ouch!

This makes it the ultimate budget-friendly party or classroom activity. Just print the kit, and you’ve got cash left over for snacks and victory drinks! We’ve got a printable kit for every occasion, from family game nights, to team-building activities, couples activities, holiday parties and thematic classroom lessons.

Getting pumped for your next big adventure? Then pop over and explore your favorite escape room kit theme here.

Got an even tighter budget? I know the feeling. No worries, you can save cash by making your own escape room game. Crafting a DIY escape room experience is hard work, but the payout is well worth it. 

Your game may not look quite as flashy as a bought kit, but the outcome will be the same… a roomful of genuine smiles! Your kids, friends and family will have a blast working together to solve your immersive puzzles, all while fully engaging their minds.

If this is your first time crafting an escape room, don’t be too nervous. I’ve got a guide for you that will walk you through the whole process. Read the DIY escape room guide here

Or instead of starting from scratch, you could use a printable escape room kit. Each game kit is 100% customizable, so you can use it as the basis for your own custom escape room experience.

What do I need?

Don’t worry, you won’t need any fancy equipment or magical expertise.

As the title suggests, a printer is all you need to set up your thrilling escape room game. Basically, you just print out the puzzle cards and then place them around the room. And that’s it - you’re done! Now you’ll just need access to a smartphone or computer (to access the hints for each game), and something to play some swanky tunes from.

Choose a theme that will engage your guests and your DIY Escape Room is sure to be a success. Pick up something exciting, like a daring superspy adventure, a magical princess quest, or a classy murder mystery. Just make sure you choose a game that’s appropriate for the age of your players. Too hard, and they’ll get discouraged. Let us help you pick your perfect game here.

How to make a DIY escape room experience:

  1. Choose a game and download.
  2. Print the game.
  3. OPTIONAL: Embellish your game with fun props from around the house.
  4. OPTIONAL: Add combination padlocks for a fun challenge.
  5. Have a phone so you can give hints. But don’t worry, setup is spoiler-free, so you can play along too.
  6. Have fun!

Don't worry about getting stuck because there are Mission Guides and hints that will help you through your experience.

Take it to the next level - How to make an escape room party

Everyone loves a party! An escape room party makes for an epically fun celebration that everyone will remember - young and old. You can modify the game to fit the tastes and abilities of your group, or add in some fun easter eggs (like the birthday girl’s favorite animal, for instance). Escape rooms are perfect for birthday parties, corporate team building events, or for a fun night in with the family.

Here’s how you can host your own unforgettable escape room party:

  1. Print invites and editable posters to share the game with your guests. (each kit comes with fun party invites and printable posters)
  2. Prepare the game as above. Use padlocks, multiple rooms, or set up tables like the parties here.
  3. Add some theme music or mood lighting.
  4. Divide your players into teams of 2-6. Give them each a copy of the game and have them race against each other.
  5. Use a timer or give teams points for completed puzzles.
  6. Deduct points (or add time) when a team asks for a hint.
  7. The winning team will be the one who solves the game first, or who has collected the most points by the end.
  8. Winners take an epic photo to solidify bragging rights forever!

You can certainly create your own challenge but using a printable escape room is convenient and costs less than visiting a brick-and-mortar room. Invite some friends and spend your time flexing your auditory, kinesthetic and visual muscles by solving engaging puzzles. 

Printable escape room games create lasting memories that you’re sure to cherish. Just beware, your friends will want to play again!

Published by Robert Bradley


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