How to Find a Good Martial Arts School?

How to Find a Good Martial Arts School?

Jul 23, 2021, 9:43:50 AM Sport

Considered that you have chosen your preferable style it is very important to find a proper DOJO. A place that keeps you sharp, where you can get all those new experiences and continue your learning with high motivation through time.  My first impression of my very first training was a feeling of encouragement and a question – can I be the best?

The most important aspect of a DOJO (GYM) is the people in it. Soon as I step in, I can immediately feel the energy and intensity of that area and know exactly do I want to stay there. Do not be afraid to waste some time finding a place where you feel at home.  I  never cared about the equipment, I just wanted to learn and have fun at the same time. I believe that’s how the champions are created.

Everything seems hard in the beginning and people are always afraid of something new. That is why all sacred places of Martial arts are isolated. The main goal is to gain focus that will keep you “hungry’ and calm at the same time. Finding your temple in urban surroundings is the first step to take in the incredible world of fighting. 

How to tell if a martial arts school is good?

It is important to pay attention to essential things and stay focused.  Even great martial art school can sometimes seem boring, but every practice should bring something new and derive that special feeling of realization within time. Remember that scene in the Karate kid movie when Daniel hates the repetition of a movement until he realizes what Mr. Miyagi had in his mind? That’s exactly how it looks. I was in a situation where we had a training of forms and we all laughed at a certain position called “Sanchin Dachi” (Kyokushin karate stand). We all made statements about how stupid it is and I confidently made a couple of jokes about it.

Then we wanted to do some sparring instead and our Sensei (teacher) called us one by one and asked for an inside low kick (my personal favorite). I learned in a hard way how previously mentioned position can be used in a real situation and understanding that helped me to elevate to a level of a very decent competitor in following years. A good school needs to have a high level of knowledge, discipline, and a specific set of rules regarding safety, hygiene, and above all great atmosphere where you will be able to express your character and contribute to your team.

How do I know if my martial arts teacher is good? 

Besides authority, a teacher must have a good knowledge of anatomy, psychology, and decent people skills in general. Not all people are made for martial arts, especially for high levels of understanding the philosophy that stands behind its tradition. Not all people can endure the pain that is sometimes even necessary to get to a certain point of progress. That is the moment when a teacher must show you the right way of your development. Some practitioners, for example, are good fighters, some are good at forms, and various martial arts make sure that everyone can find the best possible match.

Good teachers should recognize the potential and limitations and direct you promptly so that there is no waste of time and disappointment. When my Sensei found out that I had a personal problem, he called me and asked if there was any way he can help? That is what a good teacher should do – take care of his practitioners and be the living proof of a famous statement: “The best teacher is the one that makes better students than he is”.

Building a character

Getting into martial arts school is similar to getting to a completely new universe.  You enter a different world and live for the next hour or two in specific sets of rules, movements, or conversations that are slowly changing your character. There are numerous examples of insecure kids that build themselves from being bullied in school to become World champions or famous fighters. There are also people with bad intentions and aggressive character that turns out to be calm and confident. The key is to understand what your goal is and to build your mindset using the power of tradition that you are now a part of. 

Try different things, find that place where you feel well, confront the fact that there are people better than you, and once you understand that, you will be able to take another step. Character build through martial arts remains with you forever and no matter the profession you choose in life, you will always be able to apply rules that you learned. Look at famous actors, businessmen, check with some successful people that you know, I am sure that you will find that many of them were on this journey at some point in their development.  

Know your priorities

Keep in mind that no one expects you to be the World champion. I tried a couple of martial arts styles and schools before I found the perfect one. A perfect one for me does not have to mean that it is perfect for anyone else.  It takes time to push your limits, but limits do exist.  You can be a martial arts practitioner for fun, you can try to reach the professional level, you could even read about the philosophy and theory of a style and still be in that subject no less than someone who is a great fighter, it’s all up to you. With that in mind choosing a proper school will be much easier. Do not accept things that do not feel right, there is nothing to prove to anyone. Becoming a martial artist takes time, much more time than becoming a fighter but once you achieve your goals confidence Is priceless. 

Bushido codex

“Bushido is a moral code concerning samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle.”

Bushido virtues: Justice, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Honor, Loyalty, and Self-Control. Remember that a good school will live up to these rules and give you an entirely new perspective of the world around you. Good luck! 

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