New and improved Iphone 7?

New and improved Iphone 7?

Iphone 7 or not? 

I find it quite amazing how each year the Iphone is the number one phone in the United States. It is definitely a great product and I understand why people are attracted to the simplicity of it.  Now if you are an Apple lover that's cool, I just want to give my experienced opinion on the matter and provide some information for consumers. 

I am waiting for consumers to wake up and see how Apple is doing the bare minimum to improve their device each year. There has been no innovation over the past few models and Apple has not done anything in years to separate itself from Samsung. Water/dust resistant phones have been around for years! The Motorola Z which was released last month does not have a headphone jack either. I will be providing some information about the device and trying to make it easier for you when you go into the store to purchase one. Let's get more into the specs...


Well, just by looking at it...looks like the same shit of the past two years. The dimensions on the phone are exactly the same, but it does weigh slightly less. Now the phone is water/dust resistant which is huge for those who drop their phones in the toilet , you know who you are. There are five different color options which is nice for variety, but still no Gold face black back! Options with the white face phones are the same as before; rose gold, gold, and silver. No more space grey! It is now black and jet black but that is only available in the 256GB model which starts out at $849.99.  Device also returns in the Plus version which will include the "dual camera lens" for better picture quality. Color variations are the same as above. 

I did forget to mention the new 3-d touch home button. It uses a "taptic engine", which gives you physical feedback when you press it.  No that's not what she said! Just to be clear, but it's an on screen home button. It is pressure sensitive and should allow for better control. Developers may utilize this for future applications for which I have no idea. 

Storage & Battery

One of the awesome things about this, is Apple is realizing 16gb isn't enough for anyone. I think it is great that they did not jack the price up for the higher storage. Base model starts out at 32gb now, available in 128gb and 256gb.

The battery is a 1960 milliamp battery compared to a 1715 mah of last years model. I have to throw this out here, Samsung S7 has a 3000 mah battery smh. Apple states it has 14 hours of talk time, now let me be the first to tell you that this means if everything is off, all you do is talk with the screen off you can do that. 

Processor & Camera 

Processor is an Apple quad core processor which I am sure is fast. All the leading phones out there have very efficient and fast processors which is great for consumers. If you want to game and multi task you have no worries here. The camera is 12 mega pixels again, but 7 mp in the front which is an improvement over 5. The Iphone added improvements in low light and stabilization to compete with the Samsung camera. If you want a better picture though, the 7 plus is the way to go because of its 2x zoom, camera does a depth map to clean up background distortion, and facial recognition. 


So just remember that Iphones go up in $100 increments based on storage and size. The Iphone 7 (not plus) starts out at $649.99 for a 32gb model. The 128gb is a hundred dollars more and the 256gb two hundred dollars more.  Prices for the Iphone 7 stayed the same as previous years model so expect the 6s to drop in price soon! For the plus, it starts out at $769 which is a $20 increase from last year. I read some article earlier telling people to go to Apple or call their carriers for the best pricing which is total horse shit. If you want this phone, be smart and shop around. Costco, Best Buy, and Target will all have some kind of extra promotion that you will not receive from the corporate stores. 

Question you need to ask yourself is it really necessary to go out and buy the new Iphone 7 that is slightly better then last year? A lot of the specs are the same or worse than the S7 and haven't improved much over the 6s. My recommendation is to get a 6s when the price drops. I know I have been critical, but honestly It is hard to judge a phone before it comes out and is in the public's hands. Specs only go so far and everything seems great on paper. In regards to Apple, I guess there is no need to fix what isn't broke right? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy shopping! 


Credit to and the for specs. 

Published by Robert McElroy

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