The Argument for NO VOTE

The Argument for NO VOTE

Now that we are one day away, the media is pushing hard for American's to go out and vote! From the people I have talked to and scanning social media it seems like most people share the same sentiment about their candidates. People are left once again to choose the lesser evil, how can can anyone be excited about either candidates? We are left with a proven liar who is entrenched in the system, a business man with no experience who can't keep his mouth shut, and a libertarian candidate who most people have no idea about. So with most people not excited about the future of our president why the hell should we vote? 

Its disturbing that in order for a candidate to even have a chance, they have to run either Republican or Democrat. This has to and needs to change for us to prosper. Both parties have made themselves part of the way the system runs and operates. There is nothing in the constitution about only having two candidates or two groups. It seems to always come down to who isn't as bad of a candidate. This is the United States, what happened to wanting to being the best? Where is our pride at? 

I am not a Bernie Sanders fan but appreciated what he stood for. At the same time though if he truly believed that he was going to help our country and make those changes we so desperately needed then why the hell did he gracefully fall out of the race? Even when the Wikileaks came out that they were trying to rig the election for Hillary he still stood on stage and endorsed her. I understand not wanting Trump, but if he really wanted to show that he wasn't like the other candidates why didn't he run on his own? He proved that he didn't need the funding like Hillary to get the job done and the internet was enough to spread his words. Doesn't that raise questions in your head? Is the system that rigged? Did they cut him a check? Was he just a fraud? I just don't understand the want for people to stick within party lines, they have consistently proven they do not get shit done and they really don't care about what we want. 

This election has shown and proven that people are fed up with the system. There is a lot of unrest and frustration being shown despite what the media tries to tell us. Sure Clinton is probably the safer choice given our knowledge of who she is.  She is probably going to be the only elected president ever to be under investigation. We also know she is going to be more of the same bullshit with the government continually limiting freedoms and big corporations benefiting from their contributions. With Trump, no one really knows what the hell he is going to say or do. He is a bit of a bully and has proven he says exactly what is on his mind. One of the few positive things I can say about Trump, is that he isn't aligned with either party and could do things in office to change system. But at the same time he could continue to further the power of the presidential office.

With options being terrible, I argue that we choose not to vote. Before I get into detail of why I say no vote, pay attention to Gary Johnson of the libertarian party.  Most people don't know much about him but he was the former governor of New Mexico. His views are very different than that of either party and might have some ideas you may agree with. Other then a no vote I argue that he is an acceptable vote because he is not aligned with either party, my point is to not vote for the Hilary or Trump because of how poor they are. Both parties need to understand this is unacceptable, we need to have more choices that exhibit qualities that we actually want. They need to continue to see a big FU by seeing the worst polling numbers in years.  I know that there are still going to be a lot of people that will still attend the voting booths, but sometimes we have to let the sheep be sheep. Till we get candidates that are worth of the presidency, we shouldn't respect their choices. Both sides are given us the illusion of choice, they know who they want to push their agenda despite what WE want. If the people want Bernie in the debates then that's exactly what should happen! WE decide who get's elected and that person should be held accountable to their promises. It is about time that we start to take the power back and have more than two choices. Time and time again we are proven to be fools, with a no vote we can show the establishment that they need to change in order for us to support them. So go out and enjoy your election Tuesday with a #novote. 

Published by Robert McElroy

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