UFC 203 Main Card Predictions

UFC 203 Main Card Predictions

Sep 8, 2016, 11:18:57 PM Sport

I am a huge UFC fan and have been watching since before the Griffin/Bonnar fight 2005. Like most people I am no Joe Rogan or MMA expert. I am a fan that enjoys the sport who also enjoys the thrill of style matchups. Recently I picked Woodley to dethrone Lawler and Bisping to beat Rockhold. Maybe I am just lucky? I believe that I am pretty knowledgeable about the sport and will never be a keyboard warrior. Anyone that steps into the cage is badass and deserves respect. Does that give me a pass to talk shit now? 

UFC 203 takes place in Miocic hometown of Cleveland! Before Cleveland won its first NBA championship, Miocic shocked the world by KOing Werdum in a few mins. This is not one of the best cards of the year, but it certainly is interesting. Does CM Punk have a chance? Is this Faber's last fight? Does Overeem finally win a UFC belt? Lets dive into the main card fights...

Andrade v Calderwood

Cat fight! Just kidding, this should be a great fight between two very scrappy ladies. Andrade has been very up and down. But if we judge her based off her last fight, she looked awesome against a great fighter in Penne. Calderwood has improved in each one of her fights as well, she just came off a great finish of Letourneau who went five rounds with the champ Joanna. This is a perfect match up to see who deserves a move forward towards the title shot. I am going to go with Calderwood to win by decision, Andrade is tough to finish but I think her gas tank is going to run out. 



Not sure why the UFC booked this one, doesn't really mean much. The fight we want to see is Faber v Dillashaw but o well. This is a big step up in competition for Rivera, he hasn't fought anyone near the caliber of Faber. Faber did not look good against Cruz, he got rocked early and couldn't get inside. He is also pushing 40 and we should not be calling him the California kid anymore haha. But I do not see how Rivera is going to beat Faber, I am picking Faber by decision in a uneventful fight. Faber needs to win so we can see him fight Dillashaw! 

CM Punk V Mickey Gall

Former WWE Champ with absolutely no experience fights newcomer Mickey Gall. Punk did the right thing by deciding to train with one of the best in Duke Rofus, but how can you teach years of MMA in two years? No doubt he is an athlete, but I find it hard to believe at almost 40 years old he is going to beat someone who has been training for years and already made his UFC debut?  I think this just sets Punk up to move back to WWE. I see Punk getting submitted in the first round, I think he will look decent standing up but Gall will take him down and finish him quickly. 

Werdum V Browne

Former champ Werdum was not his cheery, comical self at the first staredown before the fight. He was all business and I think that spells bad news bears for Browne. Browne is always very dangerous and has the chance to turn the lights out on anyone. But as of late, he has not looked that good. Moving to his ol lady's camp and training with...well I don't know who else trains in Glendale? Browne is coming off a beat down by Velasquez which was not that long ago. I see Werdum getting him to the ground and submitting him showing everyone why he deserves a title shot after his quick KO loss.  Werdum by submission in the second. 

Miocic V Overeem

Miocic is in his prime and is a great fighter. He works a great game plan and has great cardio. He definitely has the power and tools to give Overeem a hard time. Great thing about MMA, especially heavyweights, it only takes one shot. Overeem has finally started showing his potential and utilizing his flawless striking. I am going to assume Miocic is going to be aggressive and make this a dog fight, while Overeem wants to keep the distance utilize his striking. The later the fight goes the more I see Miocic TKOing Overeem. Fighting in front of his friends and family has got to put some extra pressure on Miocic. From what I have seen, I think Overeem finally gets the belt and we recognize him as one of the greatest heavyweights. I am picking Overeem by TKO in the 2nd. 

Those are my picks for the main card at UFC 203, hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks 

Published by Robert McElroy

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