UFC 208 Predictions

UFC 208 Predictions

Feb 8, 2017, 1:38:41 AM Sport

This might be the weakest UFC card I have seen in a long time. This card would be better suited for a Fox card to push this new women's division at 145 lbs. The main event does carry some interest with two highly decorated women fighters, but does it have enough juice to sell? Anderson Silva will help the card out a bit but it is definitely weak. I can't wait for the 209 card, but this will have to do in the meantime. 

Miller v Poirier

Two very exciting fighters that never disappoint! This fight is for sure to carry lots of excitement with two very talented veterans. I would call this a classic grappler vs striker fight even though they are both very well rounded. Miller does have striking skills but Poirier has shown he has the power to finish fights. If Miller can somehow get this fight to the ground he will have the advantage. I am a fan of both of these guys and they both seem to not be able to put it together for long to get to that upper echelon. I see this fight going to decision with Poirier edging Miller 29-28 but I wont be surprised if Poirier catches Miller in the 2nd. 

Teixeira v Cannonier

Last time we say Teixeira his tooth was flying across the cage by a viscous punch from Rumble. Cannonier? I had to look this guy up and he has a few fights in the UFC. This is by far the biggest test of his career and I really do not seeing it going his way. Not sure why they would feed the number three ranked guy someone who is unranked but hey, who am I to judge?  Teixeira has taken time off to recoup after that KO and I believe he will go back to where he started.  I can't say Cannonier having much of a chance here. Teixeira by 2nd round TKO. 

Souza v Boetsch

This seems like another filler fight that has no business happening. Again the number three ranked guy against an unranked fighter. Not sure what more Souza has to do to get that title shot but a quick finish here he should be next in line. Jacare did lose a split decision to Romero but damn that was close. The 185lb division is stacked with killers and even though Boetsch has some power, he doesn't have a chance when Souza gets a hold of him. Boetsch has shown moments and could catch anyone but let's be real here, there is no way this fight lasts long. Souza by submission round 1. 

Silva v Brunson

A late added fight to spark some kind of interest in the card. This fight could either be a damn dance off or a brawl. Brunson has shown he like to be aggressive out the gate and Silva tends to feel out his opponents for some time before he takes off. This isn't the same Silva as before, he is slower and relies on his technical skills which are still exceptional. I am tempted to say Brunson takes advantage of Silva's slow start to catch him early but I think Silva has enough left in the tank that he gets himself another big name before he retires. I do want to add though that the former greats do have a tendency to lose against younger aggressive guys sending them into an early retirement. Don't think this is the case here, Silva by decision. 

Holm v de Randamie

Now the main event, two exceptionally technical fighters. It is definitely an exciting fight that is sure to have some great moments. Randamie's aggressive style plays right into Holm's speciality countering. One would assume that Randamie's coaching will encourage her to not play into Holm's hands but hey we will see. I think both ladies has power to finish each other but I doubt that will happen. Both are two smart and technical for that to happen. The UFC is trying to build Holm up again as a star and I believe she gets it done on Saturday. Holm by close decision.  

Published by Robert McElroy

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