UFC 210 Predictions

UFC 210 Predictions

Damn! I have been out of the writing game for too long. But I am back and here to stay. NO excuses just need to get down and handle this shit! But let's get into the whole point of this, UFC 210 April 8th in Buffalo. This is the rematch of Cormier v Johnson to see who will inevitably fight Jones in July or August. It also features a great matchup of Weidman v Mousasi with big implications for both fighters. The rest of the card is pretty solid, definitely not the best on paper but the cards people sleep on tend to be the better cards. The prelims is full of names that most people will scratch their head on but hey its free to watch! 

Main Card

Will Brooks v Charles Oliveira

Former Bellator Champ Will Brooks is coming off a KO loss to the Brazilian cowboy Alex Oliveira (not related) and Charles Oliveira is on a two fight losing streak to some stiff competition (Jury/Lamas). There was a lot of hype behind Brooks when he came into the UFC with a record of 17-1. He did beat Ross Pearson by decision....not to talk shit on Pearson but if you saw that fight Brooks had a bit of a hard time. Maybe UFC jitters? His next fight he get's KOd by a guy who misses weight but has been improving beating better and better guys. Still though, you are supposed to be the guy that beat Michael Chandler and are as big as a middleweight. Just to avoid confusion I am going to call his opponent Charles! Well Charles has moved up in weight after struggling at 145. His last fight though, he missed weight at 155 against Lamas and then lost by submission. He is almost at that magic number of three losses in a row so he very well could be fighting for his job. He is talented and puts on exciting fight so if he does lose I doubt he goes anywhere, but shit they have been cutting guys for less. So even though Charles is awesome on the ground, I think Brooks size is going to be too much for him to handle. I think he will close the distance and grind out a win. Oliveira isn't known for his cardio so the further the fight goes the worse it is for him. Brooks needs to prove he is championship material and needs a decisive win. I am going to say Brooks by decision. 

Alves v Cote

This is a fans fight, two guys past their prime who can still put on a show. Alves is coming off a two fight losing streak and Cote is coming off a KO loss to Cerrone. This is going to be a stand up fight with two very craft veterans. There is a slim chance this fight goes the distance. Alves will want to utilize his kicks and Cote will want to pressure Alves to work him against the cage to land shots. When Alves isn't pushed he is a dangerous fighter with lethal kicks and clinch game. Either guy can finish the night early which makes this one exciting. So with it being a toss up and I have to make a pick...I have to say Alves. I tend to lean on guys with skills who are on a two fight losing streak to figure their shit out. He is only 33 but does have quite a bit of fights under his belt (26-12). I think Alves will use the clinch and leg kicks to get the better of Cote. Alves by 2nd round TKO

Calvillo v Gonzalez

Honestly, I do not want to speak to what I do not know. I have no idea who either of these ladies are lol sorry no opinion here! 

Weidman v Mousasi

This is going to be an awesome fight. Two of the best at 185 who have beaten the whos who of their class. Weidman was arguably winning his last two matches before making a bad move and getting caught. Mousasi is on a five fight win streak which is pretty impressive for a very deep division. Now the competition he has beaten though is interesting (Uriah Hall, Belfort, Thiago Santos, and Thales Lates) because even though those are some dangerous fighters they are nowhere near the top 5 in the division. I would expect Mousasi to beat those guys because of how well rounded he is. Some time ago Mousasi lost to Souza mainly because he was taken down by the bigger guy repeatedly till he was submitted. I can see Weidman using his jab to get in and use his size to get Mousasi down. Weidman has to win this fight, if he loses he will fall down outside of the top 5 and will have a hell of time getting back to his title. Mousasi is fighting for $$$ since this is the last fight of his UFC contract and he has been vocal about how frustrated he is. I am a big Weidman fan and he looks massive right now. He for sure put on some muscle for this one and I think his size/strength will be the deciding factor. Weidman by decision. 

Rumble Johnson v Cormier

I cannot wait for this one, Rumble the destroyer against the grinder! The previous meeting was as interesting as it can get. Rumble's first punch plants Cormier and he immediately goes into survival mode. He survives the onslaught and ends up submitting a exhausted Rumble in the 3rd. Rumble has literally knocked his way back to title and Cormier is coming off a decision win over Silva. Cormier is involved in a lot of analyst and commentator obligations now. He has also only fought three times in the the last two years and only once last year. We do not know if Rumble has improved his cardio and ground game because he has KTFO of his competition. Rumble has changed camps and Cormier hasn't had Velasquez to train with. Vegas has Rumble as the favorite right now (4/5) which I find out to be odd with how the first fight went but let's see where the money goes on Friday/Saturday. I would say overall Cormier is more well rounded with a better gas tank especially if the fight goes into the later rounds. It is a classic striker v grappler matchup. I think Rumble takes his time and keeps away from Cormier to land one of his atom bombs. Rumble by 2nd round TKO.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. 

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