On Line Advertising Is Out Of Control

On Line Advertising Is Out Of Control

Feb 26, 2016, 6:41:25 PM Tech and Science

Since the advent of the DVR advertising on television has become useless as viewers rarely watch shows live, and tend to fast-forward through advertisements. Subsequently advertising has become a menace in cyberspace. Advertisers are ravaging websites, and pummeling users with advertisements from every direction. Blogs, forums, games sites, and everything in between are locked behind "Pay Walls." What is a "Pay Wall" you might ask. Well if a user wants to be advertisement free then they have to pay otherwise they have to endure the unyielding assault of advertisements around every turn.

Recently, I discovered a disturbing turn of events that is taking this trend to the next level, and I am afraid if things keep going down this path we aren't going to be able to close the lid on this Pandora's box! First there was the parade of websites blocking users from using Ad-Block Plus and other similar apps. Then there is this company teaching other companies how to beat ad-blockers. Finally, the most disturbing thing that I have discovered is Windows 10 has ads built into it: including full screen ads on it's lock-screen like the main image of this article. These ads can be disabled by following instructions on various websites like this one​, but that doesn't make this turn of events any less scary.

The worst thing about the Windows 10 ads is that Microsoft could decide, at any time, to remove the option to disable these advertisements. They won't do it anytime soon, but once the majority of users have switched to Windows 10 don't put it passed them to force advertisements onto their entire user base. If and when that does happen I have a feeling that the year of Linux will finally be upon us.

Published by Robert Stone

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