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The Best Medical School Application Consultant Team

Mar 18, 2020, 7:56:46 PM News

Do you dream of being in a medical school? Are you confused about what to write in your applications? Do you fear that wrong advice might take you to a path away from your destination? Then worry no more!

Accept Med is now providing the best medical school admissions consulting and advising service. They have a panel of experts who are committed to getting you in a medical college through their specialized process of admission assistance. 

Why Choose 'Accept Med'?

Accept Med is a team of experts where every advisor is a graduate from Harvard Medical School, and that is just the minimum qualification of each of these experts. 

Unlike other consulting teams, Accept Med has a finite but excellent panel of members that have gone through the process of admissions in medical school, have successfully graduated from Harvard medical school, and are renowned in their professions. Who better to take advice from than someone who had once been in your shoe. 

What will you get at Accept Med?    

Accept Med helps you at each step of the application process and makes it much easier and enjoyable for you. Not to forget the amount the high ratio of success that Accept Med students have achieved. Here is a summary of Accept Med's system and what they provide:

General Advising:

Accept Med has customized sessions that help them understand your goal and where you stand at. These sessions help them design a path that will make you achieve your goal. They advise you on what you should do and guide you on how to do it to increase your self-worth. 

Many students at accept med have taken advantage of these sessions to help themselves with extracurricular planning, research planning, timeline planning, gap year planning, early planning, and planning by non-traditional applicants. 

Experts at Accept med have committed to providing you personal attention at every step, from getting to know about AMCAS to you congratulations letter, they are there for you.

Personal Statement:

A great story can get you accepted to your dream medical school. But writing this story is a problem. Experts at Accept Med help you write an essay that will stand out among the sea applications.

The personal statement is critical to your selection. Whether you are someone who knows what to say or you have no idea where to start from, you need an expert to tell you the right direction. 

Advisors at Accept Med thoroughly analyze the structure, content, tone, and the word-choice in your essay and edit them to convey a powerful message which guarantees to secure an interview offer.

Secondary Editing:

One problem that pre-medical students face is that all essays to them start sounding the same. Accept Med even plays a role here and subtracts the 'secondary overload' from your application. 

Accept Med's team assist you in conveying your interest and dedication to medical schools.  They edit your secondary to it's best possible version, which will make the admission officer sure to select you after reading it.

Like the personal statement service, here too, the experts will thoroughly analyze the structure, content, tone, and the word-choice in your essay and edit them to convey a powerful message which guarantees to secure an interview offer.

Mock Interviews:

The interview can be a hit or a miss. It is the final and most crucial step in your admission process, and therefore Accept Med also provides with the Mock interviews so that you don't dread in the name of the interview and already have an experience of how to present as well as convey yourself in a professional interview. 

Advisors at Accept Med not only give you the experience of interview setting but also tell you your flaws and how to work on them.  

What would you not get at Accept Med?

If you are looking for shortcuts or sources to get you in medical school, then sorry Accept Med is not for you. It is only for those looking for real solutions and is ready to work hard for their future. 

Accept Med believes in hard work and dedication and are there to mentor you if you have the same beliefs. 

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