Should you advertise on Facebook?

Should you advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising is a great yet simple to use the technique of getting engaged heavily with the segmented audience. Particularly when the number of users on that platform crosses the 1 billion mark. With the help of an intelligent newsfeed, fresh customers can easily be targeted too. 

So let's take a look at the reasons why considering Facebook advertising can be a great idea.

1. Get linked to the audience

The present user base of FB is over a billion users and is deemed as the most powerful platform of social media. You can use the popularity of the platform to get new customers to your business and sell to them. If you haven't been using it you should certainly take a look at it.

2. FB Ads are pocket friendly

Advertising with the help of FB is way more affordable than anywhere else. While putting up an ad in magazines and newspapers can be expensive. PPC campaigns of FB are very effective which cuts down the extra and unnecessary costs. However to have it run efficiently the team should be trained well enough or else your budget will get exhausted real soon.

3. It could be used at all stages of a buyer's journey

Because of its efficiency, FB ads can play a great role at different stages of buyers' journeys. Effective ads can be created once the likes and dislikes of a person as a customer is known. The 3 stages of customers buying journey which is affected by these ads are as follows

(a) Awareness: Engaging by advertising concerning problems of the customers/buyers & their likes and dislikes. This helps them with the product information and how to deal with the problem

(b) Consideration: Once awareness is spread, contracts will be received. It can then be targeted with various offers and discounts which leads them to the buying stage.

(c) Decision: And lastly the adverts could be created wherein these ads show the products from your business is the solution is what they are looking for.

4. Demographic Targeting

The biggest reason people use FB ads is because of the demographic targeting options that FB has to offer. Just in case your business is new and you don't have a contact list to target. Now worry you can use demographic targeting to acquire new customers. Demographic targeting can be done based on the following





Work industry

Designation at job

5. Revamp the existing customer base

Revamp the current customer list simply means an opportunity to get in touch with the customer once again. Using custom audience options revamping existing customer bases is possible. Moreover, the ads on FB are somewhat far less annoying which makes them more effective than ads shown on other platforms.

6. Easy to get a hang of it, once the tools and technique is known

One last reason to add to the list of going with the FB ads is that it's too easy to use. And once you get the hang of it and understand the tools and techniques of doing it, this will allow you to engage and connect with the customers of your preference.

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Written by Robin Khokhar

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