11 ways you're an Instagram junkie...

11 ways you're an Instagram junkie...

Jul 2, 2016, 2:32:34 PM Life and Styles

As a twenty year old female, I am pretty much Instagram's target market and boy do I make the most of that. So here is my post dedicated to myself and all the other filter loving freaks out there! 

1) On a hard binge Instagram you have been known to stalk your friend's best friend's cousin's sister's Instagram and when you do finally meet this mystery person you have to refrain from asking about their trip to Barcelona in 2015. 

2) You know the true moodiness of a black and white photo and you aren't afraid to use it. 

3) You spend approximately 6 hours a day just scrolling through and going 'oh my gosh I want a cheeseburger' or 'Chrissy Teigen is such goals'. Your co-workers, partner and family are thinking of putting together an intervention.

4) You will be forever in love with the Apple camera, even if you don't have one. 

5) You used to feel bad about uploading artsy shots of pizza but now you don't even #care. 

6) You will filter a filter and then filter it again, just so your selfie comes out looking fine as hell. 

7) You know more about Kim Kardashian or any other the Kardashian clan purely from Instagram than you even know about your own family. 

8) Whenever you want a new hairstyle, a new foundation or even outfit inspiration for a party, your go to search mechanism isn't Google, oh no it's your beloved Instagram search. 

9) You sit and wonder how that girl from your old history class managed to get four gazillion followers and you're still stuck with a lowly few hundred (even though your cocktail shots are absolutely top notch).

10) Your fitness regime includes following Blogilates and Katy Hearn Fit and going 'ughkk have to go the gym'. It does not include believing all those 'Skinny Tea' adverts, ughk please. 

11)You have realised your niche, whether its bikini shots (no way, nobody wants to see mine) or landscape shots, you have such a strong theme to your Instagram you have become a theme snob. And you don't even care.  

So now I've admitted to all my Instagram sins, do you have any of your own?

Love, Robyn!

Published by Robyn Carrack

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