A four letter word brings much misunderstanding

Whenever I hear this four letter word, I know how much misunderstanding it brings, especially to the general public. There are those like me who used it ad hoc, didn't really think about it till is was necessary and till it became part of my almost daily vernacular and I find myself using it on most business calls and when I explain my life situation to people.

When I am asked about it most people are  surprised by my answer as they assumed like I did, it was different. They can only imagine like I use to by what's on TV, what other people say and do and then make a judgement on the who's and how you live your life based around the question they asked you. we all do it, we all use it and many people are using it in social media to change people's thoughts and ideas. There is nothing like saying in order to go to shops and or catch up with someone for coffee we live over 50kms out from the closest township.

People use the word quite flippantly these days, I suppose as they now know (me) or someone that lives it. My blogs are about meat and animals and product that require me thinking about the four letter word constantly. How does one person be so passionate about it when it's another person's dislike. Polar opposites is what I think my farmer husband and I are, we like each other, we laugh together, we work together yet there is this four letter word between us.

There is also a heightened awareness globally about the industry and how we work and where we work, so the word is in the media, there is grass-fed, organic, feedlots, cattle, lamb. chicken, eggs and produce, we grow things and people need farmers more than doctors. If there is no food people will not be able to eat , a doctor can give you medications and treatment but can not sustain you.

Next time some one says farm, think of me, think of the farmer who spend their days, looking after animals. Explaining to people on the phones that the animals noises they can hear through the office window are real animals as you live on a real farm. Not being a dairy farm we are not up at the crack of dawn, unless we are traveling somewhere, walking the dog or have a special mission. It is not always green nor is it always in drought dry and uncomfortable.

A farm brings many images and many mis0understandings but what most people associate a farm with is food. If you live in a country where you are lucky enough to have food daily then a farm and farmer is important to everyone's existence.  As a farmers wife living on the farm is good and bad, I love it when it rains, when animals give birth and survive, I dislike it when it doesn't rain, the animals need constant water and care.

The four letter word Farm ... I know what you were all thinking right? what is the most common word you mis-interpret?

I found this on the internet, it's not a scientific study, medication is required and for my paleo people, eating healthy and within portion will certainly bring health benefits. There is a place in modern society for all to get along.



Published by Robyn verrall


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