Hazards and risks

Working and living on a farm brings with it many hazards, bee swarms, walking in animal pooh, charging bulls, fires, barbed wire fencing, sand and farmers. The greatest of all is farmers and sand, farmers take risks none of us would dream about, the stories I have had about the farmer as a lad climbing the windmill, stopping the rotating blades with his foot and fixing it without a harness. This is not something he wouldn’t do these days, not only is he too old and we are changing them to solar, he is aware of the high risk of death should he fall off.

Can you imagine putting your young boys to climb up without a ladder and then stopping the spin with your foot, he tells me he wore many a heel off boots doing this.

windmill 15 4 2016

The other hazard here is the sand, our soil is sand over clay and there has been large amounts of money spent digging up the clay to incorporate it into the sand. This helps crops grow better and sets seeds. It is also kind on animal feet, they don’t walk on hard services and this is good for grass fed animals, “gentle on feet helps make tender meat”. (I just made this up as I wrote)

We also put in clay roads, which are great in summer to drive on but in winter are very slippery and all caution is needed to drive on them when wet. One of the things that is another risk is the sand, it comes in on everything, I see the cats roll in it and come inside and sleep on our bed. I see the dogs, go in and out of the dam roll in the grass and sand and bring it inside, it comes in on the farmers jeans after he has been working all day on the farm, in the cattle and sheep yards.

He takes his boots off, a small mercy as they would (like mine ) also bring in animal droppings. The sand gets into everything, in fact I think it is the main reason why the vacuum cleaner blew it’s bearings the other day, the washing machine empties the sand with each spin and collects in the lint bag, but it also finds it’s way into our bed. Most nights I have to shake my quilt and brush out my bed so as sand doesn’t get into places it shouldn’t. It drives me mad, I changed the sheets today and emptied all of the sand onto the carpet forgetting I have no vacuum to pick it up with.

It’s crazy I know, but some days with all the cats coming inside equal 16 feet, all the dogs, 12 feet and 2 people  means 30 feet carrying sand into the house, on the tiles, floor boards and in the bed. My husband encourages the cats to sleep on the bed and most nights there is a minimum of 1 maximum of 3. Thank god the house dog doesn’t attempt to get up.

How many pets and people do you clean up after? what’s your sand to feet ratio? I suspect we have a cup of sand per day I clean out of the house.

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Published by Robyn verrall

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