Saturdays are Working days

Saturdays are Working days

We are busy redoing some of our old fencing, removing the barbed wire and replacing with 5 wire electric, kinder on animals. We are turning these areas into shelter belts for the cattle and sheep that live on our farm. We have extreme fluctuations of temperature in Australia and in the Upper South east where we are located from summer days being over 45 degree Celsius or 113 Fahrenheit to minus temperatures in winter. Tree belts offer animals shade and wind breaks and help revegetate the land if left closed for years.


We are enclosing some of the native shrubs to encourage native birds and animals back to their habitats where they can breed and stay hidden in safety from curious cattle and intruding sheep and rabbits. It also stops working dogs from taking short cuts whilst out mustering or having a daily run.

I get to drive the tractor and help remove old posts and be the general helping hand for the farmer.


We only purchase trees (natives to our area) from Trees for Life SA a volunteer organisation that grows how many we want and what varieties we only pay for the plant after they have grown, it is also my role to go around and collect them from our beautiful growers.


We take the dogs with us to give them time outdoors and as part of the family, here is the Golden Retriever Lewis following me driving the tractor to where the farmer is parked and this was just before he saw the cattle and turned and ran 2 kms in the opposite direction and ran around them to meet me where I needed to be.


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