The art of Farming

The art of Farming

Farming is not for the faint of heart, the vegan or anyone with cruel intentions. It is an art, a business, a passion and much like Nurses it really is a calling. My husband has it, I openly admit I do not, I married into it with little understanding and as I say he would have forgotten more about farming than I would ever learn. As a career I chose nursing and for as long as I can remember it was my 'go to costume' dress up, I wanted to work in a big hospital and save lives, I am lucky this is what I have done. Here I am at 4.5yrs with my twin sister - she was a chef

My husband on the other hand can not remember anything but farming, he lives where he grew up, he has walked miles and miles around the property that his parents worked and saved to purchase what he now owns. He loves it and when asked he has no plans to leave, we look like having a retirement plan which will be different than most, as I plan not to be here.

I haven't even given thought to staying, I want to go back to the city, living on the land is hard and it is an art form. Even to work out the measurements of feed stuffs for animals including milk replacer is an art, one needs to judge weights, how old they may be, if they have had colostrum from Mum before being orphaned. This is for all animals that my husband rescues, there is never a good or bad time for death and births on farming, though the farmer plans breeding times so that he can be here when it occurs so that they have assistance - especially the cattle.

he will get up and check them 3 times per day, move them into paddocks with better feed quality. when some cows give birth they hide their young in trees and shelters so that they can grow in the first few weeks so we re conscious of the fact that there needs to be little traffic, by way of people, dogs, utes and motorbikes until the mum brings them out from their hiding places.

Occasionally there can be a separation or if there is a twin birth, one can be left behind. the farmer has a method for this also. He catches the calf puts a dog collar on it and collects it and drives it around the mobs to see if it will mother up. I have watched while some cows will kick away the calf that isn't their own and I know of farmers who will bring a cow whose calf has died and calf who's mother has died into the cattle yards rub deodorant onto each of their noses for a couple of days until the cow accepts the calf as it's own. Apparently this can work. Amazing what farmers will do to save their animals.

Farming is an Art, one that I am learning quickly and work hard to save our animals? It is not my passion but I have oodles of compassion and will do all I can to look after the land and the animals? What's your passion? Are you and your partner compatible in work and ideals? we are not polar opposites but we have opposite ideas and discuss these often.

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