Watching. Waiting and Learning

Watching. Waiting and Learning

On Caloundra Farm (our place) in South Australia, Australia, we have cattle and sheep and part of what we do is not have too many work people to eliminate stress to animals and the environment. My husband the farmer loves animals which is why he is a farmer I suspect, we have 4 cats, 11 chooks, 4 dogs and cattle and sheep that roam on our farm and he feels an obligation to them all to care for them and treats them ethically and with love.

He checks on all the animals everyday and even when we go into the city for 24 hours we have to get back in time for him to check on the animals. He allows kangaroos to live on the property and states that they do not eat much. he watches some Emus and lets me know when the male is sitting on the nest and tries to keep all other animals away from the birthing nest. He will watch from afar with binoculars and monitor it for predators and other such interruptions.

I still recall him sitting in the lounge chair 7 years ago with a pair of welding gloves on and individually picking up the feral kittens and stroking them. They are now valued pets in our house that rarely go far but bring in mice to the show us.  They are 3 sisters Rita, Frankie and Matilda, the ginger is Gatsby and he was rescued on a cold winters night in July 4 years ago, as you can see by the picture they all have places near the fire.

We have a new puppy Wilma as you can see by the picture she is 14 weeks old here and she is called a Black and Tan Kelpi - a sheep and cattle working dog in Australia. Our other two are Patsy - above her and Mollie on the tool box, they will assist with teaching her how they work and where she will fit into the pack. She is very cute but up until a couple of weeks ago was an 8 week old pooping machine, she would come inside through the catflap and poop on the carpet, well actually anywhere she liked. She has now got that under control but we still get the odd excited wee, when she runs in the house with Lewis our Golden retriever pet.

The farm is a wonderful place for animals and learning about them, but they are life long commitments and we have many pets, working dogs and cats buried here. They were all loved and they are all part of our family. How many do you all have?



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