Do You Subscribe To “The Less, But Better” Drinking Trend?

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Do You Subscribe To “The Less, But Better” Drinking Trend?

May 24, 2023, 9:07:06 AM Business

Alcohol is an important social element of modern culture. Media exposure has helped influence norms about spirited beverages via advertising, product placements, and stories in movies, TV, and social media. Alcohol isn’t a status symbol; its quality, price, and exclusivity make it desirable. Unlike a run-of-the-mill product, a luxury one is made with the finest quality ingredients and has strict standards as far as the aging process is concerned. There’s a steady rise in the number of people who pay per liter of alcohol, meaning shoppers tend to choose premium products. Even if more affluent people drink, they drink in moderation. 

The Relationship Between People and Alcohol Is Slowly but Surely Changing 

Consumers are adopting a more objective approach to their alcohol intake, with wellness being a motivator for moderation. Many refuse to participate in the alcohol culture due to personal experiences of excessive alcohol consumption or close family experiences of alcoholism. Younger generations are more cautious than older generations as regards their health and how others perceive them. The trend toward drinking less has been going on for some time – in Texas, college-age kids and teens are drinking less than they did a few years ago. Mature consumers subscribe to the “drink less, but better” attitude, seeking quality over quantity. 

Alcohol Brands with A Premium Positioning Offer an Alternative: Drink Less, But Better 

Alcoholic beverage brand owners have invested in premium products and extended to luxury. They’re highly differentiated, with a more remarkable ability to increase prices, even in times of turbulence; people are happy to spend more on higher quality, seeking information about the best brand. Consumers have more out-of-pocket power as they work from home. Flavour experimentation has increased compared to pre-pandemic levels, and this trend is evident within beer. If you’d like to invest in the crème de la crème of spirited beverages, wine is a good choice – it’s a symbol of wealth, status, and accomplishment. You can display NFTs from your digital wallet to show your consumption. 

Splurge For a Luxury Tipple, But Drink Alcohol in Moderation 

Always focus on quality over quantity when it comes to alcohol. It works the same way in food. It doesn’t matter if it’s called deluxe, premium, or whatever; it’s about the beverage, how it tastes, and the pleasure it offers. Be considerate about what you drink and understand the provenance of what you’re drinking. An expensive scotch is stronger than the average because it’s subject to higher standards of beverage production, so drink alcohol in moderation. It’s possible to get a DUI if your BAC is under the 08% limit, according to a DUI Lawyer Fort Worth, so avoid alcohol altogether if you plan to drive. Stock your bar with luxury tipples and have a glass to alleviate stress or anxiety. 

Wrapping It Up 

When it comes to alcohol, less is definitely more. Whatever your reasons for adopting the “drink less, but better” mindset, you’re in for a challenge that’s worth your time. More expensive beverages have higher quality ingredients, more careful distillation, and a longer ageing process.

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