Resilience is a top skill needed in today's workplace

Resilience is a top skill needed in today's workplace

Nov 9, 2020, 1:11:25 PM Life and Styles

Today's kids are tomorrow's employees. So, it's important to prepare your child for the workplace they'll be soon joining. Here's how to build resilience in your kids to give them a competitive advantage. 

What is resilience? And why is it so crucial in today and the future workplace? 

Resilience is one's ability to bounce back from any challenge, be it stress, adversity, failure, or even trauma. In other words, it's someone's ability to overcome obstacles and achieve the goals they have set. It's not something that people either have or don't have. Resilience is something you develop as you grow. So, it's essential to help your child build resilience since they are little. 

But why does resilience matters so much for employers? Employers want employees who don't give up after the first challenge they encounter to find a solution. They want employees that keep going until they solve problems, and this requires more than perseverance. It also requires resilience. What's more, in today's modern workplace, chances are driven by an increasing rate of technological innovation that continuously reshapes the very foundations of how we work. 

As a parent, you can help your child build resilience and learn how to overcome obstacles since they are little. This will help them grow into well-shaped adults that will have a competitive advantage in tomorrow's workplace. Here's how to build resilience in your little one: 

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Create strong emotional connections

Experts believe that the reliable presence of at least one supportive relationship is very important for developing resilience in kids. When they share a strong connection with a caring adult, children have the opportunity to develop their vital coping skills. 

This means that you need to put down the smartphone and stop working overtime and start spending more one-to-one time with your kids. Your kids need to know that they have the unconditional support of their parents to feel empowered to seek guidance and make attempts to try to manage difficult situations. In other words, when your kids know that you got their back, they're more likely not to fear challenging situations. 

Teach them healthy risk-taking is good

Protecting your child is a natural feeling you have as a parent. But, sometimes, it's good to encourage your kids to take some risks, even if this means failure or disappointment. Yet, you need to make sure you encourage healthy risk-taking, which refers to something that encourages your child to go out of their comfort zone but can result in very little harm if your child doesn't succeed. 

Resist the urge to "save" them

When your kid comes to you to solve their problems, the natural response you likely have is to lecture or explain. But, guess what, asking questions is going to help your child the best. By doing so, you're bouncing the problem back to your child and help them come up with solutions on their own, but with your support. So, don't fix your child's problems but rather support them in finding solutions for them.

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