Understanding substance abuse and mental health conditions

Understanding substance abuse and mental health conditions

Often patients seek treatment for substance abuse, and they find out they suffer from co-occurring medical conditions that trigger their addiction. Mental health problems that co-occur with substance abuse can range from anxiety to depression and anger management conditions. People often seek treatment for one of the conditions, and their therapists diagnose the other as a co-occurrence. Most times, people use drugs or alcohol to escape mental health problems. Substance abuse often occurs with anxiety and depression because people use drugs to relieve their emotions or feelings of ratelessness, regardless, fear or worry. The science behind mental health issues is challenging to grasp, no matter if the patient has the disorder or they experience associated symptoms from time to time. 

What exactly are mental health issues, and how they trigger addiction? Research shows that mental health issues affect the brain's chemistry responsible for emotional reactions, and when the brain is affected, the body enters a state of fight or flight. Often, patients choose to use drugs when their symptoms are overwhelming. They succumb to using drugs when their mental health symptoms are uncontrolled and for some, mental health and substance abuse become an endless circle. 

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You're not alone

If you have co-occurring conditions, you're not alone; many other patients find themselves in the same situation. Using alcohol and drugs to deal with mental health issues is a cycle you can break if you get help similar to the one the Malibu Treatment Center offers. Seeking treatment for your mental health problem and substance abuse helps you stay sober and prevent relapse. To determine what solution fits your needs, get in touch with a professional who can diagnose your mental health disorder and address the rooting triggers. 

How substance addiction plays in when you suffer from mental health disorders

When you're anxious, on the point of suffering a panic attack, or depressed, you're searching for support to improve your symptoms. You feel terrible, and you'd do anything to feel good. And sometimes the bar is right there inviting you in to relax, and you're so desperate to loosen up a little, you forget to count drinks. Or you want to get rid of your feelings of panic, anxiety or stress, and have fun as all the other people that attend the party, so when one of them offers drugs, you don't refuse. You first used them because you felt bad, and they provided a temporary solution, but you lost control. You're not a bad individual; you only found yourself in a challenging situation. 

Fortunately, there is a way to escape the circle. You can allow yourself to feel the emotions and face them under the assistance of a professional who can help you move toward healing. The best way to improve your state is to apply love to the parts that hurt the most, and deal with negative emotions by accepting and fighting them. Everyone has once been in the dark, but they reached for help, and they found hope. 

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