Beware That You’ve Sown


Today We’ll start with a story and will reach to a conclusion thereafter.

The Master Story-

There was a farmer who loved planting, he’s mad at it. All of his beloved crops and plants were exotic ones. One day he somehow found an Orchid plant seed and what he gonna do is to take the best care of it. Without delaying more than a few bits he has now sown the seed in the best soil of his land. Everyday, he sprinkled good amount of water to the seed. Yes there are some moments when he couldn’t give water to that seed on time but that is all fine.


Days passed, it has arrived to a day when the plant stem is supposed to show up itself. But unfortunately it didn’t.  Looks like it was not yet ready to show up. The poor farmer thought it to be very okay for a plant seed to take time to grow up, after all was is an exotic one. Month passed, yet no sign of stem or root was there for that seed. This was the time for the farmer to think that something was wrong with that seed but he, in madness and love with the flower didn’t realize it. He was in a dream, a dream to nurture the beautiful flower. The reason with the seed plant to not to show up itself might be the atmosphere for its growth.

Few month afterwards, when it was determined that no stem was going to be there. A little insect with wings escaped from that place the seed was sown into. The madness of the farmer to have a beautiful orchid plant was now over the very moment he saw it. It was clear to him that it was born from something inside that seed. He dug the place and found no seed there, of course it would have been rotten till date. He talked to the insect. Asking, who are you? And where have you come from? Replied the insect, I am the seed you’ve sown. The farmer was shocked after hearing to this. Then said the bug, you poor farmer fed me months with the water I needed and I ate the seed to grow and live and now when the food was finished, he’s leaving.

And it left! Flying high in the sky with both wings open.




The possible conclusions from the story-

  • The farmer was not fool at all yet he was mad in his dreams.
  • Insect hadn’t been born if Farmer hadn’t sown the seed.
  • Farmer nourished it for months. From baby insect to a fully grown one.
  • Insect laughed at the poorness of the Farmer and left.

Coming to the real world now. Insects, they can’t talk to humans. So was it the insect who was talking to the farmer?

No. It was him only talking to himself.

Yes obviously, the incident of the escaping an insect from the soil would have been a very shocking one to the farmer. It probably opened his eyes. His eyes in which there was a dream of having an Orchid plant on his land. And he knew that the same seed won’t be resurrected. So with wide open eyes, it was visible to him what he did. He was not watering his dream but was watering something else he never thought of. Seeing dreams is not a bad thing but he was complete into that, that he couldn’t see the reality that was happening beneath the soil surface.

What he did was not something that could be life taking or so. It had taken lot of his time that he could have put into something else that might had been successful till then. He lost his Time.

Additionally, the main thing is the talk between Insect and Farmer. Was it really explainable for the thought of insect calling Farmer a foolish? He was the one why the insect came into existence and now when he is fully grown, couldn’t realize that it was him who made it strong and capable to fly. Rather what it did was to burdened the farmer with a thought that may not go from him forever.

You know what I am talking about? It is the person who don’t realize what or who made them so. And they leave someone blaming them to be foolish throughout the life for making some foolish decision but on the other hand he never realizes that it was their foolish decision that made him alive, stand, fly.


–Rohit Kumar

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