How to Know if You Need Appliance Repair Service for Your Kitchen

How to Know if You Need Appliance Repair Service for Your Kitchen

Jun 16, 2021, 9:57:30 AM Life and Styles

Kitchens are arguably the most important rooms in the house as this is where we store, prepare, and often eat our food. The appliances we use there should be of the highest quality, sturdy, and durable, so as to make our lives easier. Sadly, it’s exactly these appliances that are highly susceptible to wear and tear, especially if we use them often and a lot, and it’s not like you can just not use your fridge or oven. While they tend to break down at the most inconvenient of times, you can avoid it by having a professional come and take a look at them. 

Small appliance issues

A great number of appliances made for small kitchen spaces are made to last up to five years, unfortunately. This means that your toaster, stand mixer, and coffee maker will probably break down before this five year period expires. While they are conveniently sized for small spaces, each and every one of these appliances is rather costly, and if the time comes for you to replace more than one, your wallet isn’t going to be happy about it. Fortunately, some of the more simple operating flaws can be repaired rather easily, so you might not have to replace them the moment you notice a problem. Before you toss them in the trash and rush to buy a new one, have a professional come over and have a look (or you can take the appliance to them yourself because it’s small).  

Air conditioner issues

As if cooking isn’t exhausting enough, trying to cook in unbearable heat and humidity can really take the toll on you. This is why the air conditioner in your kitchen should be in perfect condition. Make no mistake – the entire system should work in perfect silence, which is what you should always pay attention to. If you are able to hear strange sounds coming from it (most often it’s a sound similar to gentle buzzing), it probably means that one of the inside parts has gotten loose. If, however, you start hearing a sound that’s similar to grinding, the problem is probably even more serious that you initially thought. It also should go without saying that any bad smells coming out of your cooling system are a sign for concern as there’s most likely bacteria or even mold in the machine. While you can try troubleshooting on your own, it’s always better to have a professional over to take a look. 

Fridge icemaker issues

Icemakers are incredibly handy appliances-within-an-appliance that make our lives easier and keep us cool during hot months. Essentially, they just draw water to ice molds, and once cubes are formed, the molds get twisted or heated to free them. They are later places into a container which allows the fridge to dispense them at need. Incredibly simple and handy, these small appliances unfortunately break down pretty easily. Since virtually every fridge these days is sold with an icemaker, you’ll probably have issues with it at one point in the future (if you haven’t already). Sometimes the issue is minor and it can be repaired easily, but if the problem is bigger or in a spot that’s difficult o reach, you’ll probably have to have the entire unit replaced. Sadly, the only way to identify the severity of the issue is to wait for professionals to take a look. 

Stove and oven issues

If your stove has gas, the most common issue is with the ignition system because it sometimes won’t create a spark necessary to light the gas, thus leaving you with a cold lunch and incredibly frustrated. As for the ovens, people usually notice that it takes them longer and longer to bake their food every time, or it simply stops working at one point. Another common issue are the burners, as they stop heating up the pots evenly, making you turn the pan or pot if you want your dish to be well done. You should find a provider specializing in oven repairs so that you don’t have to worry whether or not the issue will be fixed for good. Too many times it happened that after the repair the appliance works perfectly for a short while, only to break down again at the most inconvenient of times. While there are many minor things you can try fixing yourself, sometimes it’s better to leave it to professionals. 

Microwave issues

Let’s face it – microwaves were considered a luxury or just a handy gadget for a very long time. It might not have been seen as an essential kitchen appliance until quite recently, it’s still incredibly popular all over the world. They save space and time, they make it easy to cook or simply heat up dishes, and they are incredibly efficient. All these have changed the way people feel about microwaves and made them into a vital kitchen appliance. Because they are so handy, they are used a lot, and if you notice that the door won’t close properly, that the touchpad won’t work when you press it, or you keep hearing loud buzzing noise while you use it, it’s time to have someone come over and look at it. If you want to make things easier for your repair man, clean it up, and try to make it a habit to clean and spills or grease immediately when you notice them. 

Dishwasher issues

Even though you can technically still do your dishes by hand, if you have a pile waiting for you or you have a big load to clean up after family dinner, dishwasher is your best friend. Coming to the kitchen only to find there’s a huge puddle of water right at the bottom of your dishwasher is what nightmares are made of, probably. The most common reason why these leaks happen is because the drain is blocked, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes it’s the hose and there might be some kinks in it that should be looked at. However, if the hose is safely connected to the machine and the problem is still there, the issue might be with the water line (there might be a hole in it). 

There are signs of excess moisture in your kitchen

Seeing as you’re cooking and cleaning in your kitchen, moisture is inevitable. Healthy dosage of moisture is normal and shouldn’t be a problem, but excessive moisture buildup definitely is. If left untreated, such buildups can (and most likely will) cause mold to grow not only on your walls and floors, but on the inside your appliances too. You should be particularly careful with appliances that use water such as washing machines and dishwashers, as these are not only susceptible to leakages, but also to moisture buildup. Even freezers and refrigerators can accumulate moisture because they have cooling mechanisms, and mold in them is incredibly dangerous as your food is stored there.

You smell something burning

Burning a dish or two is inevitable when you start cooking, but if you notice the burning smell coming out of one of your appliances, it’s a sign for concern. Not only should you be worried and turn it off immediately, but you should ask professionals to come over to your house as soon as possible. You shouldn’t just turn it off and hope for the best – it’s imperative that you plug the cables out too, as this will improve your safety. A burning smell is a tell-tale sign that an appliance is struggling to work properly, and it can even signify the beginning of an actual electrical fire. You don’t want to burn your kitchen or your home down, so the moment you smell burning, try to locate it and turn the appliance off immediately. Contact professionals and explain what happened, it’s likely they’ll be out to see you as soon as possible. 

Your electricity bill is through the roof

Depending on where you live and what time of the year is ti, your monthly electricity bills will fluctuate. This is to be expected, and after many years of experience you can probably make a good guess about just how much your monthly bill will be. On the other hand, if you notice that your electricity bills have been going up unexpectedly and continuously, it will probably be a good idea to call a professional over to take a look at your appliances. Sometimes you can tell exactly which appliance is faulty, but sometimes it’s virtually impossible to do it without proper training. Your energy consumption goes up probably because you have a faulty appliance, as these have to work harder in order to properly perform the tasks they’re made and bought for. 

You might not feel like checking your appliances regularly is necessary, but if you do it, you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run. The moment you notice that something seems even a little bit off with one of your appliances, don’t hesitate to contact a professional and have them come over and take a look. You will not be wasting anyone’s time and that strange sound you keep hearing might just be the early sign of a bigger yet entirely preventable issue. 

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