Why Practical Classes is more important

Why Practical Classes is more important

Aug 5, 2021, 6:56:06 AM Tech and Science

Deviating slightly from the classical management philosophies, one needs to understand that practical classes are more important than the theory under any circumstances. In a scenario, you are not capable of performing well in your job owing to the lack of some academic knowledge. Practical classes are more important than theory in hotel management. When you are studying the course of Hotel Management, the main thing is to be able to manage the practical part of running a hotel and be able to do it.

When you are a student, it is very important to have practical classes in your field of study, because only practical knowledge can go a long way in helping you land a job. Practical classes are just as important as the theory classes in your field of study, because it is difficult to know and understand something if you never get down to practice it, and the only way you can do that is by taking practical classes.

First and foremost, how to become a good hotel manager is about mindset. It’s about being proactive and learning from real-life experiences. Academic courses—while they serve as a powerful foundation, offer an opportunity to objectively review data, and exercise critical analysis—lack real-life applications and learning opportunities. Most career-oriented courses aim at giving students theoretical knowledge in a particular field. They are primarily focused on academics. On the other hand, the practical approach involves gaining hands-on experience and skills in order to make you adept at handling real-life situations. There are many who are of the opinion that it is more important to let graduates get a sound theoretical grounding by imparted with all possible theories, while the others suggest to equip them with hands-on training which cannot be achieved without practical classes during the course period.

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