How To Save Money

How To Save Money

People that know me are very aware of the fact that I used to be rather incapable of saving money… I’ve always been the worst when it comes to spending. Pay day would normally also be the day when my bank account becomes empty again, but since me and Toby have decided to leave the UK and go explore the world, it’s changed a little bit.
Even working 2 jobs we are still having to save the majority of our wages to be able to go away in November 17′. Saving this amount of money comes with responsibilities. That basically means that I don’t get to spend everything on clothes, makeup and parties.

It’s especially hard in the summer when the weather gets nice and all of the sudden you find yourself needing 9 dresses, 3 sets of bikinis, 12 pairs on sunglasses and 7 different pairs of shoes and bags to match all of your pretty outfits. Of course, let’s not forget the iced coffee, which both me and Jessica from The Credit Card Insiderhave both agreed is a major budget buster. It can work absolute wonders when you’re trying to stay cool and awake on a sunny Monday afternoon, but £4 per day is £28 per week and £1460 per year…

So how to even start saving up when you’re a little person with a major spending problem?

1. Spreadsheets could be a good answer to that. It’s not even the fact that you are sort of able to control what you spend, but the fact that you have to write down even the tiniest thing, like a scratch card. And that makes you think: Do I really need it? and Can I be bothered to put that £1 on the spreadsheet afterwards?

Thankfully it made me realise how much I was actually spending on unnecessary things, and allowed me to finally (for the first time in 20 years) put some money aside!

2. A pretty simple but effective way to save up, that me and Toby came up with is a thing we like to call ‘The Adventure Jar’. How it works is we put all of the change we possible can in there and count it up when it’s full. The best thing about it, is that you don’t actually notice the lack of money as it’s only coins and would probably end up laying somewhere around the house or at the bottom of my bag anyway.
3. Another rule, that I’m currently living by is “Will I take this traveling with me?”, which is pretty self-explanatory. Each time I am about to buy something I need to ask myself whether I want and can take it with me. And as it turns out, unfortunately a pair of Hunters will not fit in my backpack.
4. One more thing to help myself with the ‘spending problem’ and one of my 2016 goals will be finally (after failing on numerous occasions due to lack of time or simply forgetting) setting up a savings account. The one that will not let me touch the money until there’s a certain amount there. Yes, it will be painful. I mean, imagine looking at your bank statement and seeing quite a big number but not being able to do anything with it… But hey, long term it’s definitely worth it and very rewarding.

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Only 17 months to go, oh how the time flies…

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