2019 Travel Trends to Anticipate

2019 Travel Trends to Anticipate

Mar 15, 2019, 8:58:48 PM Life and Styles

Anyone closely monitoring the travel and tourism industry would admit that the industry is prone to changes. There have been a series of trends over the years and that doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. With the number of tourists increasing every day and tourism coming under the spotlight now more than ever, it is important to follow all trends. 2018 came with a lot of them, but the ones that made most of the headlines were yoga retreats and winter gateways. With the little that has been seen in 2019, more can be predicted from it, and it will do a lot of good to follow each trend in order to have the best and most enjoyable 2019 holiday.

  1. Solo Travel

The time has passed when traveling alone was a thing for loners. Before, it takes being very brave and determined, but now, solo travel and tours are one of the major trends. Because of accessibility to internet and many other developments in the travel and tourism industry, traveling has now become more organized and without anyone beside you, just with your travel guide, you could explore 10 times more than what a group can explore. Most tour companies now have engaging and fun promising special travel plans for solo travelers. The plans are very safe, keep your privacy, yet, interesting. That is one thing that would keep attracting tourists in 2019. You embrace your independence, drop bits of things on social media, and go all along having fun.

      2. Adventure Travel

When the word travel and tourism is mentioned, it sends different signals to people. What some people consider great travel is getting to the white sand beaches, meeting new people, tasting their dishes, and staying with them for a while. However, what others enjoy is trekking in the jungle, snow sports, mountain biking, white-water rafting, etc. If you are one of those who enjoy the latter, then you are very lucky, because it is the type of travel and tourism that is trending. The already popular adventure travel has definitely been moving towards new heights this year. Each day, we have new travelers wishing to go on an adventure and enjoy everything it has to offer. 

     3. Cycle Tourism

Hey, bikers, this is for you, and if you are not one, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this trend. Many travelers prefer traveling across places and landscapes with their bicycles, seeing amazing places at eye-level. It means cycle tours is not something just coming up. However, what is just coming up is the strong interest of the tour companies in it. With the way, more travelers are opting for it, and tour companies making amazing provisions for it, cycle tour will beat all expectations in 2019. This must be why local travel guides now have tours on two wheels on the list. To be precise, all European cycle-friendly places are expected to have an increase in the number of tourists, with more foreign bikers coming in to pedal around with locals.

     4. Family Travel

A family is everything, they say, and this does not change when it comes to tourism. Years past, family travel has nothing much to offer than a trip to theme parks or beach destinations. But now, it has a lot to offer that makes it one of the most enjoyable travel types. Amazing travel and tourism itineraries that are family-oriented, tagged under the category of Kid Friendly Tours are being offered across the globe by tour companies. They have various options from biking around with extremely safe child carrier seats to trying dolphin encounters and more. There is no trouble taking your kids over for a trip. They have a lot to enjoy that would make love in the family stronger.

     5. Digital Detox

Not only you, almost everyone would get a scared hearing “digital detox” at first, but just as the same, everyone would enjoy it. With the way modern life is, everything is fast paced, there are lots of happenings and trends to follow on social media so much that there is hardly any time to connect with self. Tour companies have seen this as a problem and the need to be with self as a challenge, and that is why they have introduced the digital detox type of travel. It is not new, but it is going to take the world by storm in 2019.  During digital detox, the venues (resorts, retreats, countryside, etc.)  requires you to stay disconnected from the outside world. No laptop, no phones, just you! It gets scary at first, but you’ll later find out it’s one of the most interesting ways to reconnect with self.

     6. Wilderness Escapes

Having your holidays in popular cities is definitely one of the commonest trends in tourism, but staying in a remote area that is less populated and you can have a long beautiful view at one glance is the thing most people want to try now. You get to fill your lungs with fresh air and have a good escape away from the city’s busy life.  There are many places you can enjoy wilderness escapes in the world, you can trust Trivelz to help you with it.

     7. Glamping

Have you ever imagined experiencing the great feeling of living in the wilderness, and importantly, enjoy glamorous camping? If it’s a yes, then, 2019 is for you. Luxurious camping has been gaining popularity for some years now and tourists now go for the amazing class of resort-style locations instead of the typical tents they used to opt for. There are many classy glamping locations across the globe and you can contact Trivelz to give you the best glamping experience.

     8. Personalized Travel

Some travelers now want to explore based on their own terms rather than anything recommended to them. Yes! That’s another trend for 2019. If you are a traveler who has some places in mind to visit because of your interest, love for art, what you’ve heard, likes and dislikes, what you want to see, then, you are not alone. There are many travelers who are equally doing what you want to do because it is really amazing.

     9. Culinary Tour

There are different reasons to embark on a journey, from wanting to see the landscapes, to meet the people, to see the natural wonders, but one particular one is wanting to taste some meals in the best place they are made. It is not a new type of tourism, but with the interest, it is gaining of recent, it is up to be one of the most tried in 2019. If what you want to try is a food tour, you can completely count on Trivelz, and you will find us perfectly catering (no pun intended) for your need.

     10. Budget Travel

Almost everyone would jump at the chance to see a new land, but what it costs to keep people back on their seats. That was before. Now, there is a type of travel called budget travel.  It is simple! You confess how much you are ready to spend on a trip and travel websites such as Trivelz help give you the best for what you are ready to spend. Money is no more an excuse. Before, traveling used to be a thing of the extremely wealthy, but now, it is a thing of all interested!

Amidst many travel and tourism trends in 2019, these are few ones that are already popular. What are you waiting for? Contact Trivelz today and let us set you on the type of trip you want, for an entirely affordable price, without forgoing luxury, comfort, or fun.

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