5 Ways the Beach Can Boost Your Mood Instantly

5 Ways the Beach Can Boost Your Mood Instantly

Nov 20, 2019, 6:20:42 AM Life and Styles

The United States is at the top of the list of overworked nations, and the average number of hours worked seems to go up every year. If you’re in desperate need of some relaxation, a few days in the sun and surf might be just what the doctor ordered. You may be skeptical, but a day at the beach can instantly boost your mood. After you spend the morning on an exciting San Diego whale watching excursion, park yourself on a towel so you can experience these five mood-enhancing benefits for yourself.

1. Blue for the Blues

Volumes of studies are dedicated to the relationship between color and mood. Based on research done by psychologists, businesses use different tones in marketing materials to inspire subconscious feelings for products and services. The color blue has been shown to inspire calmness and even put people in a semi-meditative state. If you’re feeling down, stare at the cobalt water or get even closer by arranging the best sailboat tour San Diego has to offer.

2. The Sound of the Waves

The gentle whoosh of waves crashing on the beach has been shown to lull people into a state of relaxation. The soft patterns created by the surf are easy for your brain to process, which allows you to use fewer resources. When choosing between the different private boat charters San Diego tour operators offer, consider opting for a sailboat that won’t drown out these soothing sounds with loud engine noise.

3. Sand Between Your Toes

Your feet are full of nerve endings and pressure points that aren’t stimulated when you walk around in shoes and socks. By ditching the footwear and taking a stroll on a sandy beach, you’ll experience the tactile sensations your body was designed to feel as the individual grains light up your nerves. The gentle warming effect sunlight has on the sand also helps to work any knots and stiffness out of your foot muscles while you take a walk.

4. Breathe the Salty Air

Air at the beach is full of sea spray, which is full of salt and water. These particles create negative ions as the oxygen molecules pick up extra electrons. Studies have shown that these ions have an antidepressant effect on people, and can even alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. This phenomenon is why you can calm down by stepping outside and taking a few big breaths.

5. Exercise Endorphins

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are chemicals that reduce your perception of pain while simultaneously producing a feeling of euphoria. Depending on your activity level, the beach offers several different ways to work up a sweat and boost your mood:

  • Relaxing walks
  • Intense jogging
  • Volleyball
  • Low-impact swimming
  • Surfing

6. Hit the Beach Today

These are just five of the ways a day at the beach can instantly lift your mood, but there are plenty of other reasons to spend some time in the sand. If you’re ready to spend part of your vacation on some of California’s 840 miles of coastline, let an experienced tour operator help you with recommendations and exciting side excursions for your non-beach days.

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