E-Payments: TOP Systems to Your Service

E-Payments: TOP Systems to Your Service

Nov 26, 2019, 8:27:52 PM Business

Electronic money is increasingly entering our lives. This is due primarily to the development of the Internet, which has now become one of the most necessary attributes.

Moreover, it has long stepped over the level when we only drew knowledge there. Now we live in the network - we communicate, buy, sell, pay for services, earn, make friends, look for work, etc. It is logical that in this environment there are mutual payment systems that allow you to move away from primitive barter.

At the moment, there are hundreds of payment systems in the world. Of course, not all of them are well-known, but the fact that there is competition gives certain preferences to ordinary users of electronic payments.

It all started a very long time ago (mainly at the end of the past century and the beginning of this millennium). At that time, monetary relations (e-commerce, freelance, etc.) began to develop actively on the Internet and plastic cards were the only available form of payment. The advent of Internet money options has greatly simplified the process of paying and receiving payments through the network (without leaving home).

But not only on the Internet, because now various electronic wallets offer you to use the e-money not only for any operations on the Internet but also in real life.

What systems are today considered leaders in the global market?

   Paypal - perhaps this is the most popular electronic payment system in the world.

Paypal is fiat electronic money, unlike many other payment systems. The purpose of creating this system was to ensure the security of payments with a card tied to an account. In this case, you do not announce the card details and also receive some guarantee from the system regarding the delivery of goods paid through Paypal. If the goods were not delivered or it turned out to be of inadequate quality, then there is a very real probability of a refund by opening a dispute (within one and a half months after payment). It is often used by big fish companies in gaming and gambling. For example, Dragon fish bingo sites use this particular payment system.

Payeer is a very popular payment system among those who want to work with electronic money in the most anonymous mode. In addition, in Payeer there are quite acceptable conditions (commissions) for depositing and especially for withdrawing funds.

The system works quickly, is very easy to use and is pretty well protected, but it is mainly used as an option for money transit because many popular online services related to making money are connected to it. Sometimes other acceptable options for the withdrawal of capital earned in the network, except through Payer, do not exist at all.

   ePayments - in this payment system it will be possible to attach a branded ePayments

Prepaid cards to your wallet. It is prepaid, i.e. not tied to a bank account, which is very convenient, because you do not need to inform the tax about opening an account with a foreign bank.

 Fees for withdrawing from this card are quite low, and payment of goods from it in stores or on the Internet is not subject to a commission at all. As with the previous system, internal translations in it are free.

   Skrill (Moneybookers) - this payment is very similar to Paypal already considered just above, but at the same time differs from it for the better.

Your electronic money is actually placed on Skrill's accounts in London, so there is no question of any anonymity in this system. However, the system is used by many millions of people around the world, mainly because of the high reliability and low commission for depositing, withdrawing and transferring money within the system. For example, unlike Paypal in Skrill, the recipient does not pay a commission, which makes this online money ideal for receiving earned or won money.

 If you still have not appreciated the benefits of a modern alternative to money - online payment systems, it's time to try. They are indispensable for those who actively interact on the Internet, and also easily help to solve many domestic issues, from paying for services to buying a new car.


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