The Top 7 Places That Need Security Guards

The Top 7 Places That Need Security Guards

Nov 22, 2019, 9:10:45 PM Business

The world is always changing & more so now than ever. The way we communicate with others is constantly evolving, yet one thing remains the same: Security. As crime continues to rise the need to prevent and end such violence is crucial for all of our communities. 

The need for security systems and most importantly, security guards is pivotal. The presence of security personnel can serve as a deterrent to lawbreakers who can safeguard residential buildings, hospitals, commercial parking lots, events, corporate offices, banks and shopping malls.

The primary duty of a security guard is to spot and prevent crime in specific public places for property owners to ensure a safe and secure environment for all. Here’s why it’s important to have security guards in public places:

1.      Residential Buildings

Since apartments and buildings are the first options for burglars, they essentially need a good security system to look after the area. Not only do security guards lookout for suspicious activities, but they also take action to prevent misconduct. Housing estates often require well-trained security personnel because having a lax approach in controlling unknown movement can have a negative impact on the occupants. Security guards can give residents peace of mind for their safety. 

2.      Hospitals

Since hospitals observe heavy foot-traffic every day infirmary can be vulnerable to several criminal activities. As hospitals are the least to expect any threat, there are fewer protective measures carried out in these buildings. This makes it even more necessary to keep unarmed security officers at the entry and exit points of a hospital. To tighten up the securities authorities can also consider having guards on every floor of the hospitals and the parking lot. 

3.      Commercial Parking Lots

Since most of the commercial parking lots are either secluded or dimly-lit, they are more prone to unwanted criminal activities. Burglars and vandals always have their eyes on such areas because there are less people around. Parking lots unfortunately have a reputation for thefts because robbers usually steal expensive car parts. If security guards are present at such locations, incidents of theft, vandalism, and mugging can be significantly reduced. 

4.      Events

Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people gather for various events, including corporate events, wedding ceremonies, sports events, concerts, exhibitions and more.  Criminals may take advantage of this scenario by camouflaging themselves into crowded locations to then assault, theft or vandalize. To prevent potential harm, organizers can hire special event security services and have the event location tightly secured. Ranger Guard security services have excellent communication and coordination among themselves, ensuring minimal criminal activities at the event. Additionally, these security professionals can also act as emergency medical assistance if needed. 

5.      Corporate offices

Security companies also provide a wide range of security services for office buildings. Security companies can provide office buildings with security guards, unarmed officers, and armed guards & other options to protect the property. Corporations essentially require safekeeping because office spaces are always at a risk of unwanted intruders desperately attempting to steal privileged information or other corporate valuables. Therefore, it is important to have corporate guards who can ensure the security of both employees and company assets. 

6.      Banks

For obvious reasons, banks are one of the most high-alert places that require security services. Banks have always been a target for armed robbers who want to steal money, jewelry, and other important documents. Even though money stored in a bank is insured, the lives of bank officials and the common public visiting the place could be in danger. Only trained armed security guards can ensure the safety of a bank’s customers and its employees. 

7.      Shopping malls

A common issue that many business owners do not want to have is retail theft. Just having a CCTV camera will not suffice anymore because retailers need security services that won’t just guard the store but will also keep an eye on the live CCTV footage. Just like events and concerts, shopping malls also witness heavy foot-traffic regularly. Not only do individual retail stores need security but even the entire physical premise requires safekeeping. Therefore, retail loss prevention services should be outsourced with a reputable security company that operates using the best local and international security practices.

As you can see, having security guards in such public places is essential for the well-being of others in this day and age. Get in touch with a reputable security service company to give you the peace of mind that your property, business or event is safe and secure.


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