What To Do On Halloween For A Festively Creepy Evening

What To Do On Halloween For A Festively Creepy Evening

Sep 20, 2019, 9:50:23 PM Entertainment

Halloween is not only for thrilled young children anticipating the sugar rush from trick or treating. However, you may be wondering how to spend the beloved day if you have passed the age where it's appropriate to dress up and go door to door for candy treats. If you are hoping to sprinkle a creepy atmosphere all over your Halloween this year here is how you can do it.

Carve A Pumpkin

To start your day off, you could get into the swing of things by carving a pumpkin. After all, it is an especially adored Halloween activity that will likely set your mood for the events to follow. If you have no already set up a few spooky decorations not would be your last chance to do so. If carving pumpkins does not entice you perhaps decorating a few mason jars would help get you into the spirit of things.

Visit A Haunted House

To get yourself all revved up for a creepy evening, you should consider visiting a haunted house. Notoriously haunted dwellings usually have an incredibly scary vibe attached to them which means you could even spend your afternoon investigating the paranormal happenings and it would likely be just as frightening. Although this adventure would be optimally traumatic if you were to plan your visit for the evening.  

Watch A Horror Movie

After traumatizing yourself a bit in a haunted house, you could hold onto the creep factor a bit longer by watching an incredibly scary movie. There are literally a ton to choose from so it would be a great idea to narrow down your search in advance with options from lists of best horror movies. It would be wise to read a few movie reviews to avoid settling on a disappointing film. Be sure to leave the lights off and perhaps a candle or two would enhance the abient spook in your home. 

Hand Out Candy

Since you won't be wandering the streets collecting sugary treats, you might as well hand out candy to the excited children that are trick or treating. However, to get into the spirit of things, you should at least make the effort of dressing for the occasion. Dressing up in a super scary outfit is also a great way to participate in the festivities. As you will be opting out of trick or treating you will still have costume preparations to look forward to.

Head Out To A Halloween Party Or Host Your Own

If you aren't entirely keen on spending Halloween enjoying subtly spooky things then perhaps you should consider heading out to a Halloween party. Alternatively, if there seem to be no invitations awaiting your response, then it would be a great idea to host your own. When organizing your own event, preparing appropriate snacks and drinks is essential. In addition to this, it may be a wise idea to ask a few friends to help out with setting up decorations as it really wouldn't be a Halloween party without creepy details

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