Why one can choose a PG over hostel

Why one can choose a PG over hostel

Aug 6, 2019, 8:51:09 PM Business

A lot of students move from towns to big cities at the age of 18 when they get admitted to a good and advanced college for further studies. In fact, one also shifts from one city to another in order to get enrolled in a course which they always wanted to pursue.

When one gets into a new college, the first and foremost thing that they need to sort out after the admission process is about staying accommodation. A lot of people opt for hostels (if the college has their own within the campus) or they can also opt for a PG or paying guest accommodation.

According to many, hostel life is the best phase of life. But to some, they are not. There have been a lot of incidents around the country in the past that have left a few boarders traumatized and so staying in a hostel can be a bit arguable option. But when it comes to mens PG in Velachery, then there are a lot of advantages of staying there, according to many.

Staying at a hostel can be undesirable for a few students (both men and women) due to certain issues like:

  • Though most of the colleges and universities run anti ragging cells and they have some strict punishments for the ones who rag people; but there are still some ragging instances that keep happening in the hostel. In some cases the consequences of these ragging is not very welcoming and many students do not want to risk it by staying at hostel.
  • Hostel rooms are never peaceful and one cannot study in peace as people keep coming and going. Even though students are allotted separate rooms but high chances that they will not get a single room of their own. So, a lot of time, the studies get hampered and sometimes, peace of mind too.

But if one goes for a shared PG accommodation, then a lot of the above mentioned problems can be avoided. There are hardly any study distractions because a room is shared by not more than 2 people and there is no chance of getting ragged. Also, a lot of PG in Velachery comes up with a proper meal plan where they serve homemade food from the owner’s house.

But when one is looking for an affordable, clean and safe PG accommodation then they need to follow certain tips. One has to fix a budget first and then needs to search a PG according to the preferences of the location. One can get a lot of information about a place these days on the internet and they can browse down to check the locality and the building infrastructure. Once the locality is decided, one has to visit the place in person to check what are the facilities that are available in the PG (like internet connection, electricity and running water) and how well it is connected with the college and other major parts of the city.

If all of these fall into place then one can finalise it.

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