Reasons for Garbage disposal clogged and its remedy

It can be seen that almost every house have been equipped with garbage disposal unit. It is very much important to take note that these garbage disposal units are present to deal with issues such as smelly garbage cans as well as undesirable wastage of food. Therefore is very much helpful appliances in your kitchen.

But much appreciate the work it does and take it for granted. For this reason, many problems such as garbage disposal clogged would arise while preparing your meal. Main reasons for clogging

However, it is very much important that you should know what causes the garbage disposal clogged. This is very much essential as it will help to resolve many of the difficulties while operating such appliances. First, of all you should know that your garbage disposal will not have a problem in grinding out the waste but that’s not where the problem lies. Clogging mainly reacts to foods that may react with water supply or in the absence of water and as a result, in clogging the pipeline leading to the waste discharge side.

Conditions related to Clogging

It can be seen that these garbage disposal clogged pipelines would cause due to a variety of reasons which would lead to poor drainage. Conditions such as inadequate water used during the grinding of the water material such as banana peels, egg shells, etc. Or disposing fibrous food which may wrap around the disposal blade which may lead to burning of the motor and eventually clogging the drain. Also, sometimes nonfood items such as plastic bags, silverware may get stuck into the drainage pipe. Also expandable food groups such as pasta or rice may be avoided at all cost as they would expand inside the pipeline and cause clogging.

Finding out the problem

As now you know what may cause the garbage disposal clogged, which you would could avoid the chance of clogging in the near future. But if you still experience the difficulties, here are the things that could be done by yourself. Most of the time it is seen that the garbage disposal is not able to drink at all, then the problem would be that something might have been trapped up in the S or P shaped plumbing line found right after the disposal. In order to remove the clog, simply disconnect the line from the disposal and check for any clogs.

Checking out the pipelines

Even if not found, proceed further. The line then goes into the wall or along the vertical pipe that is going inside the wall. In such condition you can sink auger. This would give the chance of flow of cold water into the pipeline. The cold water is very effective as the greasy food waste which have stacked up in the pipeline would harden and chopped up easily.

Lastly, it is very much important that you should always clear your sink of all the silverware and dishes before you start up your garbage disposal. Also, it is a good idea to use a strainer container just above, the disposal which will prevent from getting unwanted things into the appliance. And don’t forget to run your garbage disposal right after placing waste food inside it. So, if you remember these basic tips and guidelines, you would may able to avoid the near future problem of garbage disposal clogged.

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