Things To Consider When Attending Special Occasions

Things To Consider When Attending Special Occasions

Oct 12, 2016, 8:08:34 PM Life and Styles

I’m blessed that I had a chance to fly back to Manila last June 2016. I took advantage of my nine (9) day vacation where I got to spare some time with friends. But the main reason why I really came back was to attend and sing at a debut party – of one of the closest friends of our family – and to assist them in preparation of their program.

I can’t stress you enough that finding the perfect dress for a certain occasion can be a difficult task for us – mostly for women. So to offer a helping hand, I listed few things to consider that helped me in finding the outfit a little bit easier. Here are some tips to memorize and live by.

  • DRESS CODE – Check if there’s a dress code stated on the invitation. The event may require you to wear an evening gown or a cocktail dress. Some parties may state the theme or motif of that event too. Take note of that! And while these are generally straightforward to find, unwritten dress codes do exist as well. So, if you are in doubt, make inquiries! I believe that you don’t want to turn up under dressed or over dressed to a very important event or party.

  • APPROPRIATE FOR THE OCCASION – It is important that you look for an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion. If it’s a very solemn or conservative event, choose a darker or more neutral shade – that’s according to my research. This isn’t the time to wear something wacky or adventurous. If formal attire, wear formal. If semi-formal, wear semi-formal or smart casual attire.
  • TRY ON WITH SHOES – Try your dress on with the shoes that you want to wear, or a pair you’re likely to be wearing to the party. Trying a dress on with heels will also give you a better idea of whether it suits you. Note: An evening dress may not look right without heels. End of story.
  • TAKE ACCESSORIES – If you have an accessory in mind that you already own, be sure to take it with you when you go shopping for the dress. It’s important to try these dresses on with the accessories you’re intending to wear them with. Otherwise, you risk buying something that doesn’t look right. By bringing these items along, you will get a feel of what to look for and easily find a dress that complements the items you want to match it with. But if you don’t feel bringing them with you, just take a photo of it or maximize your imagination.
  • BUDGET – It could be worth spending more for a very special occasion. However, remember that if you are going to spend a lot on a dress, look for a more versatile or simpler piece where you could wear again for a different occasion. For a one-off event where you want to impress, you could also consider renting a dress. And while some of us don’t have a budget, you could look at resale shops and vintage stores for a bargain where you could then D.I.Y. (DO-IT-YOURSELF) or alter to suit your own personal style.


Those were the things I considered in preparing my outfit. So now, let me share you my ensemble on the said event that I attended.


The party was scheduled in the evening. Some make-up artists that I knew said that it’s fine to go for dark shades of makeup when the event will be at night time. I used a nude palette for my eye make-up, darkened its edge by using a dark shade of eye shadow and a liquid eyeliner. I also put on false eyelashes to emphasize my eyes.



I didn’t have much time to ask my sister a favor to braid my hair. But thanks to Mariel – a young lady I mentored before – who patiently curled my hair. Apparently, the curls didn’t last that long. Good thing, I had my flower crown that complements my fairy look.



This ombre-blue maxi dress is one of my favorite, so far, in my formal wear collection. I was thinking that this dress fits also for an enchanted theme party because of its pastel color and different vibrant. I actually used this when I attended a beach wedding last year. Like what I’ve told you, look for a versatile piece of dress that can be used on a different occasion.



Accessories are something added to your outfit to make it more attractive. Here, I used silver bangles, a simple but nice necklace and white pearls for earrings. I also polished my nails as part of my accessories. ‘Cause I was thinking that minimalism could match the look that I wanted to portray – a fairy.


The most important thing when you’re going to an event is

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