How Vitalik Buterin became the Youngest Billionaire?

How Vitalik Buterin became the Youngest Billionaire?

Oct 11, 2021, 8:06:43 AM Business

In 2018 he tweeted his total worth of Ether and turned out the world's youngest cryptocurrency billionaire. There is a long struggle of years that made him rich. Let us go into detail to learn his early life, entry into cryptocurrency, and the story of becoming rich at this age.

Early Life

He was born in Russia, but later his parents moved to Canada so they could grab better job opportunities, and they admitted Vitalik in a private school.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

When he was 11 years old, his father introduced him to cryptocurrency, and he started learning bitcoin in 201. Then, he started writing articles for Bitcoin weekly; however, this publication was closed.

Later he lost his interest in cryptocurrency for a while and started focusing on his programming studies.

Start of Bitcoin Magazine site

In 2012, he worked with Mihai Alisie and founded bitcoin magazine's site. He was the leading writer of this site, and in its first edition, there was talk about how experts see blockchain.

Thiel Fellowship

He was studying computer science student at the University of Waterloo, where a two-year Thiel fellowship team came. It is an organization that selects 20 students who are under 20 and pays them $100,000.

They give money to the student so they can think and work further on their crazy ideas. Vitalik grabbed this opportunity and left the school. However, he said in different interviews that it was scary for him to be a drop out.


Co-founder of Ethereum

In 2013 he released a white paper for his project Ethereum, and it was a decentralized platform where people not only exchange their coins, but they will be able to exchange their assets like houses, cars, etc. It was easy to join Ethereum for people of all locations and backgrounds.

However, for the execution of this protection fund was raised, and till 2015, he and his fellow gathered enough funds to launch it, and finally, it was released in 2015.

The Increasing Worth of Ether

The Ether currency was doing well, and its value was rising; however, in 2017, some hackers caused a bit of loss to it.

But in 2017, its value rose from $8 to $840, and after 2017 there was never a downfall for Ether, and it is growing continuously.

After seeing his success, some people started spreading rumors that Vitalik had died in a car accident. However, there was no evidence of his death. After some days, he tweeted a picture with a note in his hand and told everyone that he was alive.

Announcement of Assets

Recently the price of ether surged $3000, and Vitalik Buterin became the world's youngest cryptocurrency billionaire. In October 2018, he announced that now he holds $1milion worth of ETH.

When he got the status of youngest billionaire, his status was celebrated very much on Twitter, and people praised him in their tweets

Ether has the second position in the world of cryptocurrency; however, bitcoin is at first, and its market capitalism is $351 billion.


As he is a billionaire, he donated $1 billion to India so they can better compete with effects of covid-19 and survive after a significant economic loss.

However, the money he donated was in the form of a digital currency known as the Shiba Inu coin.

He once pinned a tweet listing the seven things about them; he is very excited. At the top of the list, cryptocurrency was written; it shows that he is very crazy about cryptocurrency.


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