Learn How to Access Someone’s Instagram Account

Learn How to Access Someone’s Instagram Account

Mar 4, 2019, 6:23:42 AM Tech and Science

Are you looking forward to access someone else’s Instagram account? Well, we are not interested to know why, instead we will show you how. Following, we are going to give you a brief guide that will tell you how to access someone’s Instagram account ASAP. So, read carefully!

Why Do People Hack Someone Else’s Account?

We are not going discuss the moral ethics of doing so. Instead, we will describe the motivations that promotes someone to do it. So, take your time and read the following points:

Steal Your Information











We would like to mention it now that everyone trying to gain access doesn’t have legit reason. They might have more of a sinister intention. Most of them time, when someone has their account hacked, they lose their personal information.

This information covers your finances or such thing. You should know, anyone can be a target of these scams. So be careful and protect yourself with CocoSpy.

CocoSpy is a smartphone app that is loved by millions around the world. It works with both iOS and Android Devices. The best part about this app is you don’t have to root or jailbreak your device. Its rather easy to use. It doesn’t matter what happens, you can easily gain access to someone else’s account without revealing yourself.

So, if you want to tap into someone’s social media, you better give this toolkit a try, this wont disappoint you.

See What Their Children Do on Social Media

It’s funny but most people who try to gain access to someone’s account are parent. They want to gain access to their children’s account and see what they are up to lately. Parents want to keep an eye on how their children interact with people on social media. They want to learn more about the company that their child keeps.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the only way parents can keep tab is hacking into the account. This is a necessary evil of them. Doing so helps them to do whether their child is targeted by bullies or bad people online or not.


See if Your Partner is Faithful or Not

You can call this insane. But people who suspect their significant other is not faithful anymore, they tend to do it. Social media has brought new channels and opportunities for us to communicate. This also opens up room for cheating in our relationships.

People use various online platforms to cheat on their partners, it can Facebook, Skype or even Instagram. Therefore, people search for ways to hack into these channels in order to see if they are being cheated on by their loved ones or not. It doesn’t matter to them if it’s hard to access the private massages unless you hack into your partner’s Instagram account.

Accessing the Account Secretly

If you are going to hack someone’s Instagram account, you better hide yourself first. There are two effective ways of doing it, following we are going to describe them both:

Reset Account Password

If you want to hack Instagram password with Cocospy, then why don’t you try to reset it first? You can reset the password, its very easy. But you will have to gain access to their phone or email address in order to do so. Following, we will show you how to do it!

  • Visit Instagram Login Page on the App or Browser
  • Go to Forgot Password
  • Give the Email, Phone and Username with Account. If you use Android, you might as well see “Log in with Facebook Option”
  • Check the User’s email or phone. Follow given instructions to reset password
  • Check their email or phone and follow the given instructions to reset their password

Use Spy App



If you want to tap into someone’s activities, then you better use a Spy App like Cocospy. Such apps are easy to use and install. If you have such an app, you can access their activities without getting caught. With such an app, you will keep an eye on following things:

  • Their Photos, Videos, and Stories
  • Messages
  • Followers and who they follow
  • Likes and Comments

These apps are compatible with latest iOS and Android smartphones. Moreover, you will find these apps rather affordable. 

Published by Rosie Harman

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