Care and Maintenance Tips for Bedsheets.


Care and Maintenance Tips for Bedsheets.

Feb 14, 2021, 11:39:42 AM Life and Styles

For a good night’s sleep a good quality bed sheet is necessary. A good quality bed sheet also adds on to the appearance of your room. You can buy such bedsheets online or in stores. But for keeping up with the appearance and enjoying a relaxing sleep you must maintain the bed sheets you use or else it can lead to degradation and fading of the bedsheet fabric.

Moreover bed sheets contact with your skin hence it to keep it clean and up to its original quality is vital.   

Let’s dive into some tips and tricks for bedsheet maintenance and care. 

Care Labels/Instructions

Don’t overlook the instructions mentioned on the care label that is most of the time attached to the bedsheet or comes with the packaging. The fabric is always mentioned on it. Typically it would be a cotton bedsheet or linen bedsheet, these are the most probable ones. Apart from that the label also indicated at what temperature and with what ingredients should the bedsheet be washed and even it’s drying procedure is mentioned. 

How Many Times Should You Wash Bed Sheets?

Washing your bed sheets periodically is really important. But, that does not mean that you need to wash them everyday or even every alternate day, that can loosen the fabric quality. Washing it once a week is enough and if you live in a humid environment then washing it twice a week is what you should do.

Also hand washing the bed sheet is more preferable than the washing machine. However if you’re using the washing machine make sure to wash the sheets separately and not mix it up with other clothes or towels. Even if you’re just washing the sheets do not overload the machine with a lot of sheets. 

Cleaning Products?

Don’t over do the detergent while washing your bedsheets as it can weaken the fabric quality. A mild detergent with water before putting the bed sheet in the washing machine is what you need to do. You can also use a little vinegar in the process. It can help remove any bad odours from the bed sheets.

Also keep in mind to not use any kind of bleach as they cause fading of the sheets and not even fabric softeners, because they break down natural fibres of the sheets. 

Dry Your Sheets Properly

Air drying the bed sheets is the best option. But, knowing when to stop drying the bedsheets is important. If you under-dry the sheets, then the dampness of it can cause unrequired odour and attract germs. However, if you over dry them then, that can worsen the material. 

Hence drying it for a specified time is and not more or less is important. Also if you’re tempted to tumble dry it, stop right there. Tumble drying can roughen the sheets and make them brittle. 

Other key hacks

Remove the bed sheet from the washing machine on time, keeping it for too long can cause wrinkling. 

Don’t use really hot water or even cold water to wash them, warm water is ideal for washing bed sheets or for that matter other fabrics too. 

Check for stains before you put them for a wash. 

Lastly, don't forget to wash your pillow covers, bed covers. 

Whether you’re buying bed sheets on sale, or low priced bed sheets or a high priced bed sheet. Be it whatever all of these sheets need to be maintained. Also to take action on these tricks you first need to buy a superior quality bed sheet. 

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