Here’s how You Can Motivate Consumers to Reap the Best Benefits

Here’s how You Can Motivate Consumers to Reap the Best Benefits

Sep 11, 2018, 4:13:14 PM Business

In the current scenario of business world, one of the main purposes of the marketers is to keep their consumers content. Apart from delivering quality products or services, a brand targets to keep its customers satisfied by various means.

The prime reason is during every company’s downhill, loyal customers become the major corporate asset. Hence, motivating them through several means also has become an important way of marketing.

Following are few ways where a brand can retain a broader consumer base to reap the maximum benefits:

Offer loyalty program

Offering the customers loyalty program is a no-brainer. To repeat customers in a business and have a sturdy prospects’ base, developing loyalty programs are of great help. However, a brand needs to keep its program simple and subtle.

For instance, if a company’s loyalty program is point-based, make conversions simple and fast. Major e-commerce sites are nowadays going heavy on this tactic to meet both the ends.

To sum up, loyalty program is a point blank way to generate better ROI and also keep consumers adhere to your brand.

Provide quality

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of consumer satisfaction. Consumers tend to stick to a brand when provided with quality products or services.

Moreover, they also have an insatiable desire to venture out innovative products. So, proffer the customers with something new where they can count on you.

Create referral program

Develop various referral programs to make the customers feel more valuable. Researches state, referred customers are way more precious than the ones gained with other methods.

Moreover, referred customers have higher profit of margins and hence stay loyal to a brand throughout his/her lifetime.

Reward them

Reward the customers with thanking gifts. For example, on your company’s milestone achievement, offer your loyal customers with rewards and thanking notes. However, make sure, rewards don’t signify money. People tend to consider money as a form of bribe.

So, keep the process subtle, try to incorporate emotions in the rewarding method. To do so, surprise them with freebies, customized offers or may be special discounted products.

Transform consumers into brand advocates

Lastly, convert the loyal consumers into brand advocates. Customer advocates can double a brand’s revenue. Moreover, when a consumer has the opportunity to be a part of his/her favorite brand, he/she tends to devote themselves completely for the goodwill of the company.

In fact, statistics say a 12% increase in customer advocacy campaign can generate an increase in revenue growth. Through their organic communication, they attract a lot of potential customers too.

The reason is majority of the people trust peer recommendations over any kind of advertisements. With proper advocacy, loyal customers focus persistently on the larger mass. So, by appointing customer as brand advocate is a good and meaningful way to create a strong relationship.

Ending tune

Focusing on consumers’ base is ubiquitous. Hence, to retain a brand value and generate better profit follow the points mentioned above and motivate your consumers and even prospects to the core.

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